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Art and culture

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Illustration du concert à la Kinnekswiss

"Kinnekswiss loves…"

On the first weekend of July, the iconic location becomes home to a huge open-air concert.

Theaterplage 2019


Every summer since 2018, as part of a temporary placemaking project, Place du Théâtre is transformed into an attractive, fun-to-be venue.

Illustration du logo du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2019

2019 Robert Schuman Art Prize

The Robert Schuman Art Prize, worth €10,000, is awarded by a jury of art professionals as part of a contemporary art exhibition.

Add your event to the calendar

If you want your event listed on the Calendar pages of this website or in City magazine, enter your event information into the database.

Panorama de la Ville, vue sur le Kirchberg

Architecture and heritage

The City of Luxembourg is known for the striking contrast between its old fortifications, classic 18<sup>th</sup> and 19<sup>th</sup> century buildings, and mod...

Illustration d'un instrument musical

Blues'n'Jazz Rallye

Every year, this celebrated, urban blues and jazz marathon, organised in collaboration with Blues Club Lëtzebuerg, is one of Luxembourg City's most popular open...

Hôtel de Ville sur la place Guillaume II


Major events scheduled to be held in Luxembourg City have been cancelled or postponed.

Projet Ragi

Children's activities provided by the City

A variety of new educational, artistic and/or fun activities for children and young people.

Salle Cinémathèque Place du Théâtre


The Cinémathèque is a cinema museum whose purpose is to preserve and promote international film heritage. It has been a member of the International Federation o...

cours d'Aquagym

Closures and gradual reopening

Some of the City's facilities and institutions have reopened.

Composition of the management team

A number of departments and bodies are in charge of managing and developing events.

graffiti sur palissade de chantier sur la place Guillaume II

Construction site hoardings

Construction site hoardings are an ideal space for exhibiting ephemeral art, as the built-in end date perfectly reflects the nature of this art form.


Cultural resources

A list of online cultural resources (quizzes, virtual tours, reading material, etc.)

Eco-friendly events

We are committed to ensuring events held in Luxembourg City are eco-friendly, by investing in reusable containers, promoting public transport and reducing energ...

Illustration Péckvillercher


The iconic Éimaischen market is craft fair that mainly features pottery and ceramics.

Cinémathèque - Essential Cinema

Essential Cinema – Cinémathèque’s 100 Must-See Films

100 films you must see: not just before you die... RIGHT NOW!

Couverture de l'affiche du Family Play Day 2019

Family Play Day

Every October, the City of Luxembourg's Creative Learning Centre (CAPEL) organises a one-day event offering a range of workshops – games, reading, music, etc. –...

Illustration de personnes à un concert

Fête de la Musique

This music festival gives amateur and professional musicians the chance to hold small free concerts in public spaces.

Salle de projection de la Cinémathèque place du théâtre


Film has always had a strong place in Luxembourg City's cultural landscape, as is reflected by the wide offering made available to the public through the progra...

logo Unipop

General information and registration

Everything you need to know about cinema in 10 lessons – registration, waiting list, prices, FAQ


An individual pass issued upon request to persons or families experiencing economic hardship. The pass entitles its holder to free admission to all Luxembourg C...

Late-night opening hours

Individual exemptions from the regular opening times of drinking establishments may be granted on request.

Terre sans pain (Las Hurdes, tierra sin pan)

Leçon 0 : L’Analyse en jeu / Jeux d’analyse

Ou mieux savoir, c’est mieux voir.


Leçon 0 : Tous les films ne se valent pas.

L’art d’aimer, d’apprécier, d’évaluer les films.

Cinémathèque - UniPopCiné : Leçon 0

Leçon 0 : Une idée, un auteur

Qu'est-ce qu'avoir une idée du cinéma ? Par Jacques AUMONT


Leçon 1 : BEAUTÉ

Un bon film exalte les sens

Cinémathèque - John Ford

Leçon 1 : Ford

Ou comment le cinéma est un art modeste Par Stéphane GOUDET

Good Morning Babylone (Good Morning Babilonia)

Leçon 1 : Histoire

Ou voir un film au fil des époques.

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Lynch

Leçon 10 : Lynch

Ou comment le cinéma nous prouve qu’un seul monde ne suffit pas. Par Dick TOMASOVIC

Adieu au langage (3D)

Leçon 10 : Mutations

Nouveaux objets, nouvelles pratiques : nouveaux outils d’analyse ?


Leçon 10 CHEF-D’OEUVRE ?

Grandeur et décadence du très bon film

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Eisenstein

Leçon 2 : Eisenstein

Ou comment le cinéma est bien plus que la somme des éléments qui le composent Par Eugénie ZVONKINE

Full Metal Jacket

Leçon 2 : Langage

Ou voir qu’un film a son vocabulaire et sa grammaire.



Un bon film parle à tout le monde

42ème Rue (42nd Street)

Leçon 3 : Genres

Ou voir comment les films s’assemblent et se ressemblent.

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Ozu

Leçon 3 : Ozu

Ou comment le cinéma célèbre la vie par le vide Par Diane ARNAUD



Un bon film veut changer le monde

Rêves (Dreams / Yume)

Leçon 4 : Art(s)

Ou voir comment un film dialogue avec les œuvres d’art.



Un bon film expérimente et innove

Cinémathèque - Universitè Populaire - Renoir

Leçon 4 : Renoir

Ou comment le cinéma donne à chacun ses raisons Par Laurent JULLIER

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Rossellini

Leçon 5 : Rossellini

Ou comment le cinéma recherche la difficile rencontre du réel Par Alain BERGALA

Hiroshima, mon amour

Leçon 5 : Styles

Ou voir comment un film se soucie des formes.



Un bon film donne à pleurer, à rire et à frémir.

Le goût de la cerise (T’am-e gilâs)

Leçon 6 : Auteur

Ou voir un film comme l’œuvre d’un réalisateur.

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Bresson

Leçon 6 : Bresson

Ou comment le cinéma n’existe que dans les correspondances Par Vincent AMIEL


Leçon 6: PENSÉE

Un bon film produit des idées

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Antonioni

Leçon 7 : Antonioni

Ou comment le cinéma s'invente comme lieu du temps Par Emmanuel SIETY



Un bon film fait jaillir des moments de vérité

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Godard

Leçon 8 : Godard

Ou comment le cinéma est un champ d’expérimentation permanente. Par Gilles MOUËLLIC

Fenêtre sur cour (Rear Window)

Leçon 8 : Hollywood

Ou voir un film comme le fruit d’un système.



Un bon film est l’expression de son époque.

Cinémathèque - Université Populaire - Herzog

Leçon 9 : Herzog

Ou comment le cinéma utilise des moyens ordinaires pour révéler l’extraordinaire Par Laurent GUIDO



Un bon film dérange

Bâtiment du Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Lëtzebuerg City Museum

The Lëtzebuerg City Museum is dedicated to the history of Luxembourg City, which goes back over 1,000 years.

salle enfants à la Cité Bibliothèque

Libraries and research centres

The City of Luxembourg has many general and special interest libraries and research centres.

Diffusion d'un film lors du Luxembourg City Film Festival

Luxembourg City Film Festival

Since 2007, the Luxembourg City Film Festival has become an annual event for film lovers of all stripes.

vieux tramways au musée des tramways

Luxembourg City Tram and Bus Museum

The history of public transport in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Ticket

Buy your tickets for Luxembourg City cultural events via the "Luxembourg Ticket" national ticket office located at the Grand Théâtre.

bâtiment du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy has a strong musical tradition and offers a wide programme of events. The City of Luxembourg encourages and promotes music making in many ways.

personne jouant au piano devant le Palais Grand-Ducal

My Urban Piano

Public pianos dot the city during the summer

Organise an event

Permit application, all-nights permits, amusement tax, eco-friendly events and adding your event to our calendars.

Cercle Cité sur la place d'Armes

Other cultural venues

Luxembourg City is also home to other entities and institutions with a diverse cultural offering.

Cercle Cité sur la place d'Armes

Other museums and exhibition venues

Most of the city's museums and art centres belong to the association "d’stater muséeën".

Performing activities in public spaces

Anyone wishing to perform an activity in a public space must have a permit.

Grand rue avec piétons

Performing artistic activities in public spaces

Subject to certain conditions, the City allows individuals/groups to perform artistic activities in public.

Illustration achat photos - Photothèque


The Luxembourg City Photothèque (Photographic Archive) has extensive collections dating back to the very dawn of photography. Initiatives promoting photography ...

Illustration photothèque


Archive containing some six million photos taken between 1855 and the present day.

bâtiment de la Cinémathèque de la Ville, place du Théâtre

Practical information

Ticket information, opening hours, contact details and information on how to receive our monthly programme!

Local pour boutique éphémère à la location au centre-ville

Rent a pop-up store

Open your pop-up store or show room in one of the two spaces available in the heart of the city.

Illustration du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2011

Robert Schuman Art Prize 2019 – Luxembourg City

The Curator / The Artists

Illustration du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2017

Robert Schuman Art Prize 2019 – Metz

The Curator / The Artists

Illustration du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2013

Robert Schuman Art Prize 2019 – Saarbrücken

The Curators / The Artists

Illustration du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2015

Robert Schuman Art Prize 2019 – Trier

The Curator / The Artists

Illustration du Prix d'art Robert Schuman 2011

Robert Schuman Art Prize – Archives

Information on the most recent editions of the Robert Schuman Art Prize

Virtual Reality - tour guidé

Smart Living

Augmented reality project that lets people explore the city's cultural and historical heritage using an app, and virtual reality pilot project that takes users ...

Gendarmes contrôlant un boulanger

Special exhibitions

In addition to its special exhibitions, the Photothèque also presents a large annual exhibition that takes place at the Ratskeller at Cercle Cité (Rue du Curé e...

Vitrine d'un local commercial vacant décoré pour une ouevre d'art

Storefront art exhibition

Do you have an empty storefront? Join our "Art on the Street" project to display original works of art in your front windows. Take a look

Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

Theatre and performing arts

From theatre to opera to dance, lovers of the performing arts are spoilt for choice in Luxembourg City.

UniPopCiné 2017–2018 season

The Cinémathèque and the University of Luxembourg present: From Eisenstein to Lynch: 10 auteurs for 10 ideas about cinema Université Populaire du Cinéma: SEASON...

Conférence dans le cadre de l'Université Populaire du Cinéma à la Cinémathèque

UniPopCiné 2018–2019 season

For the 2018–2019 season, 10 lessons on the topic: What is a good film? Focus is on the most common criteria used by critics in reviewing films.


UniPopCiné 2019–2020 season

Art urbain dans la rue louvigny par l'artiste Sumo

Urban art in Luxembourg City

The City of Luxembourg maintains high standards in terms of the quality of the artwork displayed in its public spaces, and only collaborates with professional a...

Mur d’expression libre à Dommeldange

Urban arts

Mural painting, stencilling, graffiti, hip hop, breakdancing, rap, and slam are all forms of artistic expression that Luxembourg City seeks to support and promo...

Panorama de la Villa Vauban

Villa Vauban – Musée d’Art de la Ville

Villa Vauban stages art exhibitions with Luxembourg City's collections.

arbre illuminé


The Winterlights festival, with its wooden huts and attractions, is held at six different locations throughout the city. Six unmissable markets offering a pleth...