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The term "food truck" means an automotive vehicle within the meaning of the Luxembourg traffic code that temporarily operates at set locations to sell food.

Anyone who wishes to operate a food truck at one of following locations stated below must request authorisation from the City.

Applications must be submitted using the standardised form below. The documents listed in the form must be included with your application (failing this, your application will not be considered).

List of food trucks operating between 1 April 2020 and 30 September 2020








Gasperich, Rue Guillaume Kroll            
Kirchberg, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer / Rue Albert Borschette roundabout            
Kirchberg, between Rue Edward Steichen and Rue Charles Bernhoeft Paco Tapas Le Delizie di Mario Las Maracas-Foodtruck   T-Wraps  
Kirchberg, intersection of Avenue John F. Kennedy and Rue du Fort Niedergrünewald            
Kirchberg, Place de l'Europe         Le Delizie di Mario  
Limpertsberg, Avenue Joseph Sax
Merl, Rue Nic Bové         L'Atelier du Gourmet  
Ville-Haute, Kinnekswiss Nord-Ouest            
Ville-Haute, Parc Villa Vauban   Closed        

The information above is provided for purely informational purposes. These are the authorisations currently issued by the City of Luxembourg.

All of the sites listed above are available between 11:00 and 15:00, except for Kinnekswiss Nord-Ouest, Parc Villa Vauban, the space between Rue Edward Steichen and Rue Charles Bernhoeft, and Kirchberg, Place de l'Europe, which may be occupied between 11:00 and 20:00 every day, unless other events are taking place at these locations.


The City makes the following sites available (for the times listed above):

  • Beggen, Rue Henri Dunant – football field car park
  • Gasperich, Rue François Hogenberg
  • Gasperich, Rue Guillaume Kroll
  • Kirchberg, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer / Rue Albert Borschette roundabout
  • Kirchberg, Place de l'Europe
  • Kirchberg, space between Rue Edward Steichen and Rue Charles Bernhoeft
  • Kirchberg, intersection of Avenue John F. Kennedy and Rue du Fort Niedergrünewald
  • Limpertsberg, Avenue Joseph Sax
  • Merl, Rue Nic Bové
  • Pfaffenthal, Rue Saint Mathieu – former multi-sport field
  • Ville-Haute, Kinnekswiss Nord-Ouest (entrance to the park at the end of Avenue de la Faïencerie)
  • Ville-Haute, Parc Villa Vauban

Operators may only request a single location/time slot per day and may not request the same location for more than two days per week.

The City reserves the right to change the site list.


To occupy a food truck site, you must pay rent. The per-location rent for one day of occupancy per week for a period of six months is listed below for each site:

  • Beggen, Rue Henri Dunant: €325.00
  • Gasperich, Rue François Hogenberg: €650.00
  • Gasperich, Rue Guillaume Kroll: €650.00
  • Kirchberg, Boulevard Konrad Adenauer / Rue Albert Borschette roundabout: €650.00
  • Kirchberg, Place de l'Europe: €650.00
  • Kirchberg, between Rue Edward Steichen and Rue Charles Bernhoeft: €650.00
  • Kirchberg, intersection of Avenue John F. Kennedy and Rue du Fort Niedergrünewald: €650.00
  • Limpertsberg, Avenue Joseph Sax: €650.00
  • Merl, Rue Nic Bové: €325.00
  • Pfaffenthal, Rue Saint Mathieu: €650.00
  • Ville-Haute, Kinnekswiss Nord-Ouest: €650.00
  • Ville-Haute, Parc Villa Vauban: €650.00

For the Kirchberg sites, operators enter into an operating agreement with the Kirchberg Fund.

Protecting the environment

The City is committed to protecting the environment, in particular by implementing waste prevention measures at the public events, festivals, and food fairs of all sizes and durations that are held within the city limits. The choice of products (seasonal, local, organic or fair-trade) and containers (reusable or producing minimal waste) used to serve food and drinks are another area in which the City takes an eco-friendly approach.

Operators are asked to follow the advice in Factsheet 6 "Eco-friendly food trucks".

Conditions applicable to operators

  1. Stand-up tables may be installed as long as they do not obstruct automobile, pedestrian, or bicycle traffic. The tables must be suitably re-positioned, or even removed, upon first request by a city official.

  2. The permit holder must comply with the amended Law of 21 March 2012 on waste (loi modifiée du 21 mars 2012 relative aux déchets), as well as with the related municipal regulations, including the technical instructions pertaining thereto. Before beginning operations, the permit holder must contact the City of Luxembourg's Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) to determine the measures they must take for optimal waste collection. In any case, permit holders must remove any waste produced as a result of their operations; this must be done on a daily basis and at their own expense. If they fail to do so, the City reserves the right, after serving a formal notice remaining without effect, to remove the waste at the permit holder's expense.

  3. To ensure the eco-friendly operation of the food truck, the operator must comply with the information provided in the application (form) concerning the type of products offered and the type of packaging in which the products are served.

  4. The vehicle used must comply with the requirements of the traffic code as to tonnage, access, etc.

  5. Separate electric generators may not be used.

  6. The vehicle's motor must be off during the entire time it is parked.

  7. The time slots specified are the maximum occupancy times allowed at the site (including setup and dismantling). The applicant may use the entire time slot or only a portion of it, but may in no event exceed the allotted time.

  8. Structures must be adapted to the site, may not be fixed or anchored to the ground, and must in no way impede the passage of pedestrians (or deliveries, if any) or obstruct the entrances to sites or buildings or store windows.

  9. Access to the site must be possible for emergency services at all times, and safety access routes must always remain clear.

  10. All additional equipment, such as refrigerators, storage facilities, etc. must be integrated into the food truck itself.

  11. No sum whatsoever will be reimbursed to permit holders who, for any reason, decide to no longer use the location assigned to them before their permit expires.

Applicants who fail to comply with these conditions will be denied any application for further permits.

How to apply

Unless otherwise specified, authorisations are valid for a maximum of six months, expiring on 31 March and 30 September of each year.

All applications for the period running from 1 April to 30 September must be filed between 1 February and 1 March of the year in question; all applications for the period running from 1 October to 31 March must be filed between 1 August and 1 September. Applications filed before or after the above-mentioned dates will not be processed.

The authorisation is valid only if the related occupancy agreement has been signed by both the college of aldermen and the applicant.

The application must made using the standardised form:

A paper version of the form may be requested at the address stated under "Contact details" below.

The form must be completed, signed, and submitted to the address specified in the form, accompanied by all the necessary documents referred to therein, before the deadline for submitting applications.

Only complete and signed applications, accompanied by all the necessary documentation, and satisfying all of the conditions herein, will be processed.

Locations and time slots are granted according to the size of the structure or equipment to be used and the products to be offered, and care is taken not to create direct competition with existing establishments in the immediate vicinity of the site.

If there is only one applicant for a particular location and time slot, the location will be granted to that person subject to the above conditions.

For locations and time slots for which several acceptable applications have been received, the one dated earliest will be chosen. The applicable date in such cases is the date on which the City received the application.

If, for whatever reason, a site becomes available before the end of the period, it will be offered to applicants who filed applications for that location, in chronological order of receipt of their applications. Occupancy of the site will end upon expiry of the period in question.

Contact details

Petit Passage

9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00