Access and deliveries to pedestrian zones

Access and deliveries to pedestrian zones will still be feasible without issue between 6:00 and 10:00, during which time the bollards will remain lowered. With the exception of Place d'Armes and adjacent streets, Place Guillaume II, Rue de la Reine, Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes, Rue du Nord and Rue de la Loge, where the loading and unloading of goods is restricted to the morning time slot (private parking spaces can, however, be used without restriction), deliveries scheduled between 18:00 and 22:00 are permitted, although the bollards will be raised.

Any road user wishing to enter a pedestrian zone after 10:00 and before 6:00 the following day will need to announce themselves at the technical kiosk where the pedestrian zone's access control operators will be stationed 24/7.

Pedestrian zone access permits and passes

The pedestrian zone access permit and pass grants year-round access to local residents and business owners who use a parking space or private garage that can only be accessed via a pedestrian zone or whose homes can only be accessed via a pedestrian zone.

Only people who meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the traffic regulations may be granted a pedestrian zone access permit and pass.

A temporary pedestrian zone access permit may be issued, as needed, to the organisers of events or construction works, or for moving premises, when such activities involve a pedestrian zone. Duly completed applications for temporary pedestrian zone access permits must be submitted to the Service Circulation (Traffic Department).

On the day of the activity in question, companies will then be able to access the pedestrian zone via the intercom at the entrance, once their specially issued permit has been verified.

Parking is strictly prohibited in pedestrian zones and there is a 20 km/h speed limit for vehicles authorised to enter them.

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