In line with decisions made by the municipal authorities, the Service Circulation (Traffic Department) installs all public signage (signs, road markings, traffic lights, etc.).

Exemple d'un plan avec chemins adaptés

Accessible routes

Route on which a guiding system for the visually impaired is in place from start to finish.


Bike rental and other services

vel'OH! bike share scheme, bicycles available to underground car park customers and "Vélo en ville" bike rental, cleaning and repair services in the Grund.


Bike tours

Four city bike tours and annual cycling event in early summer

parking vélo

Bikes for customers of underground car parks

Bikes provided free of charge to customers at certain underground car parks

bus au P+R Bouillon

Car parks and P+R

Map displaying Luxembourg City's car parks and the free spaces available in real time at the Knuedler, Place du Théâtre, St Esprit, Monterey, Schuman, Glacis, F…



Information and sign-up details for walking bus ("Pedibus") chaperones.

Sas pour vélos

Cycling infrastructure

Everything you need to know for cyclists and motorists

un cycliste sur une piste vélo

Cycling routes and bike parking

Explore the network of cycling routes using our interactive map, find out about our public bike parking options and maintenance station, and locate our bike cou…

Bornes escamotables à la rue Notre-Dame avec une vue sur le boulevard Royal

Deliveries and access permits

Access to pedestrian zones in the city centre is controlled by retractable bollards. Access and deliveries to pedestrian zones are feasible without issue betwee…

parking personnes à besoins spécifiques

Disabled parking

Reserved parking spaces and unrestricted roadside parking

Inauguration des bornes de recharge pour véhicules électriques « Bei der Auer » à Gasperich

Electric vehicle charging stations

Chargy: Luxembourg's network of publicly accessible charging stations for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

ascenseur reliant la Ville-haute au Pfaffenthal


Take the elevator from Ville Haute to Pfaffenthal or the Grund!

pas se garer sign

Ensuring garage access

Garage entrances blocked by illegally parked vehicles

Un panneau bleu avec des pictos d'un automobiliste, piéton et cycliste

Guidelines for sharing the road

Rules and behaviour for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists


How it works and registration

Following fixed routes, the Walking Bus ("Pedibus") operates across the city and collects children from set stops. To use this service, you must sign up.

Information notice on video monitoring in connection with retractable bollards operated by the Service Circulation

Protecting your personal data is a priority for the City. The Service Circulation (Traffic Department) – which manages the retractable bollards controlling acce…

Exemple d'un gué pour piétons à la place Hamilius

Infrastructure for pedestrians

Known for its short distances between different points of interest, Luxembourg City lends itself to being explored on foot.

Royal Hamilius

Mobility Plan

The "Mobilitéitsplang" is a strategic document that sets out the urban mobility objectives that the City wishes to achieve by 2035. As such, it informs all the …

pieds des personnes sortant du Tram

Objective of the mobility plan

The five objectives of the mobility plan: regional / cross-regional accessibility, ensuring of development perspectives, mobility for all, preserving and improv…

Chantier dans une rue

Obstructing public thoroughfares

Tax is calculated based on the sector for which the application is made, and is levied until the public thoroughfare has been restored to its original condition

zones tarifaires

Paid parking zones

A colour-coded system shows the different zones, maximum parking times and applicable charges



Parking zones and prices, resident permits, cards for persons with reduced mobility and professionals, and Call2Park

voiture Hëllef doheem

Parking permit for certain professional activities

These permits allow unrestricted parking of the vehicle in question throughout Luxembourg City, on the roadside and in above-ground car parks, strictly for the …

Passage pour piétons

Pedestrian crossings

Tactile paving safely guides people with disabilities to the side of the road.

zone vitesse 20

Residential areas

Areas with speed limits of 20 or 30 km/h for the safety of vulnerable road users

une vignette résidentiel

Residential parking permit

If you live in Luxembourg City and own a car, you are entitled to a permit enabling you to park for free in your parking zone.

Bon comportement - Le flux des passagers

Sharing the road

The City of Luxembourg is committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect among all road users. What does this actually mean, though, for motorists, cyclists…


Traffic, parking and vel'OH! stations

Information on changes to traffic flow, parking, the vél'OH! service, and public elevators.


Utility markouts

When carrying out construction work on public or private property, contractors must beware of any public utility cables and pipes that might be located on-site.

stationnement camionnettes

Van parking

Roadside parking is prohibited for vans in residential areas on working days from 18:00 to 8:00, as well as on Sundays and public holidays

Enfants lors du trajet Pedibus

Walking Bus

Let's work together to ease traffic and minimise the number of cars around schools! The Walking Bus delivers children to their schools under the supervision of …

Enfants lors du trajet Pedibus

Walking Bus FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions: How are Walking Bus routes planned and organised? Do I need to register my child for every day of the week? Does the Walk…