salle enfants à la Cité Bibliothèque

Libraries and research centres

The City of Luxembourg has many general and special interest libraries and research centres.

Salle de projection de la Cinémathèque - place du Théâtre


Film has always had a strong place in Luxembourg City's cultural landscape, as is reflected by the wide offering made available to the public through the progra...

bâtiment du musée d'histoire de la Ville, Lëtzebuerg City Museum

Museums and exhibition venues

The capital has no less than nine museums and art centres that cover various themes.

bâtiment du Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg


The Grand Duchy has a strong musical tradition and offers a wide programme of events. The City of Luxembourg encourages and promotes music making in many ways.

Illustration achat photos - Photothèque


The Luxembourg City Photothèque (Photographic Archive) has extensive collections dating back to the very dawn of photography. Initiatives promoting photography ...

Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

Theatre and performing arts

From theatre to opera to dance, lovers of the performing arts are spoilt for choice in Luxembourg City.

Cercle Cité sur la place d'Armes

Other cultural venues

Luxembourg City is also home to other entities and institutions with a diverse cultural offering.

public dans le foyer du Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg

Charter of Ethics for organisations in the cultural sector

As part of the Ministry of Culture's 2018-2028 cultural development plan (Kulturentwécklungsplang – KEP), a code of conduct has been drawn up with the recommend...

Villa Vauban, musée de la Ville de Luxembourg

Cultural institutions

Subscribe to the newsletters of our cultural institutions or follow them on social media: municipal theatres, the Cinémathèque, the City-Bibliothèque, the Conse...

Scheiss : Photo du Centre culturel

Luxembourg City cultural centres

Important information about hiring one of our cultural centres