Interactive map

The leaflet above includes a map of around 170 km of cycling routes, as well as a summary of the services available to cyclists, the main traffic rules and safety recommendations, and the road signs that apply specifically to cyclists. This leaflet is available at City Hall, the Bierger-Center and our Service Circulation (Traffic Department).

Bicycle parking

Bike racks and shelters

The use of bike docks is free of charge and there are no time limits.

Covered docks

In the city centre, the Knuedler car park has a freely accessible bike dock with 65 spaces. There are also five spaces designed specifically to accommodate cargo bikes.

The use of these bike docks is free, and bikes can be dropped off and picked up around the clock.

Free bike boxes at P+R facilities

Drop your bike off at one of our secure bike boxes at P+R Bouillon and P+R Stade. The use of the boxes is free, subject to a deposit of €50.

Interested? Simply speak to your car park's cashier.

Secure bicycle cages

Drop your bike off at one of the bike cages that provide secure communal bike parking at Place du Théâtre (city centre), the Victor Hugo Hall car park (Limpertsberg), and the green space at the junction of Rue de Hesperange and Dernier Sol (Bonnevoie). These cages can each hold 16 bikes and are integrated into the bikebox network, the nationwide solution for secure bike parking. This means that anyone with an mKaart and bikebox subscription, available for free online, can now make use of these facilities.

Bicycle maintenance

Maintenance station at the Knuedler car park

A self-service repair and maintenance station is open for public use at the Knuedler car park. This station enables cyclists to perform adjustments or minor repairs on their bikes. The repair station offers a host of tools and an air pump that cyclists can use for free.

Bicycle pumps

Five pumps, which can be used with every kind of bicycle tyre, are available free of charge to cyclists at the following locations:

  • at the entrance of the municipal park near Rond­Point Schuman,
  • at Schwender (intersection on Avenue de la Gare, near the Viaduct),
  • at the entrance of the Ban de Gasperich Park (Rue Charles Darwin),
  • at the entrance of Merl Park (Rue de Bragance),
  • in the Knuedler car park (maintenance station).

Bike counting points

For several years now, the City of Luxembourg has counted the number of bicycles that travel through the city at 16 strategically located counting points:

  • Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Bridge
  • Viaduc
  • Place de Paris
  • Place de la Gare
  • Av. Marie-Thérèse
  • Route d’Esch
  • Av. du X Septembre
  • Rue Godchaux
  • Rue R. C. Kalergi
  • Rue Laurent Menager
  • Rond-Point Schuman (parc)
  • Rue Mersch - Wittenauer
  • Pescatore Park/Pfaffenthal lift
  • Fondation Pescatore
  • Rue de la Francophonie
  • Bisserwee

Identification of development options

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures) has published a website that shows the various cycling-related development options for a given area or street.

This is done through a simulator that uses a few key pieces of information, such as the width of the street and pavements, road traffic intensity and speed limit, to determine the development potential of the area in question, to facilitate the planning of this kind of development.

Please note that the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure's Active Travel Unit (Cellule Mobilité Douce) can be contacted directly via the website mentioned below for any queries or suggestions you may have.