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Fun and exercise at the Kinnekswiss

Sport et détente Kinnekswiss 2019
Sports and leisure

From 5 July to 7 September 2019, the City of Luxembourg will be organising sports and leisure activities at the Kinnekswiss in the municipal park. Activities will be offered every day from 11:30 to 19:30, weather permitting.

This programme part of the City's efforts to promote the Kinnekswiss during the summer months and bring more life to this green space in the heart of the capital, so that residents from the City and further afield can really make the most of it. The City's Service Sports (Sports Department) has put together a rich array of activities designed to cater to all comers with the aim of promoting recreational sport and encouraging people to engage in regular physical activity.

Get moving and have fun, there's something for everyone

The programme includes a number of increasingly popular sporting activities, such as football tennis (which combines elements of the two sports), slacklining (which consists of walking or balancing on a slightly elastic length of flat webbing suspended between two anchors) and cross boccia (a modern version of pétanque). It also includes more conventional sports (such as non-competitive football, rugby, badminton and volleyball) and other lesser knows sports (such as frisbee, indiaca, croquet and field hockey), as well as a host of fun activities (such as crossminton, rope-skipping, bassalo, smolball, indiaca-tennis, mini-golf and sack races) and games requiring dexterity and coordination (such as diabolo, bolas, stilts, plumefoot and Leitergolf).

Weekly classes in Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong – both of which make use of harmonious movements and deep breathing to achieve a feeling of inner peace and relaxation – will be offered at the Kinnekswiss throughout the summer.

All of the sporting activities at the Kinnekswiss will be supervised by trained sports instructors and facilitators.

Participation is free – simply show up and have fun

There is no need to sign up in advance and participation is free. The sports equipment required will also be provided free of charge. Participation in the activities is at your own risk, though, and parents and educators are responsible for children in their care.

the department

Contact details

Ancien abattoir Hollerich

5, rue de l'Abattoir
L-1111 Luxembourg

Getting there by bus

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and 14:30–16:30