Do you usually get around on foot, by bike or using public transport, but sometimes you just need a car?

Carloh is a carsharing service that operates in Luxembourg City. Vehicles are ready for immediate use and can be found throughout Luxembourg City's main residential districts, with stations also located in the city centre and near Luxembourg Central Station.

With Carloh, you are entirely flexible – choose the vehicle you need, when you need it. And the best part: enjoy the freedom of a car, without all the hassle of keeping and maintaining it!

Good for your wallet

Many of us own a car but hardly use it, doing less than 10,000 kilometres, or even 5,000 kilometres, a year. What's more, public transport systems are improving all the time and, for many of us, there is a dwindling need to own our own vehicle.

Buying your own car not only requires a significant personal investment, it also involves recurring costs for insurance and maintenance. You also need to be able to park it somewhere, as well as deal with the hassle of taking it for regular servicing, maintenance and technical inspections.

Good for the environment

A single Carloh vehicle can replace between 8 and 12 private cars, which is great for the environment and helps users make real savings.