General information

An identity card is mandatory for

  • persons over the age of 15.

An identity card is optional for

  • Luxembourg nationals under the age of 15 whose usual place of residence is in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and
  • Luxembourg nationals who reside abroad.

Identity card applications may be submitted to the Bierger-Center, or the Government IT Centre (Centre des Technologies de l'Information de l'Etat - CTIE) located at 11, Rue Notre-Dame L-2240 Luxembourg.

Estimated waiting time

It is  12:06

Current transactions

Luxembourgish nationals residing abroad must apply to their respective embassy or consulate, or to the Government IT Centre.


Identity cards must be renewed if:

  • they have been lost, stolen or damaged;
  • they have expired;
  • the photograph on the card no longer resembles the holder;
  • the cardholder has changed their surname or wishes to add or replace their living or late spouse's surname;
  • the cardholder changes their first or middle names;
  • the cardholder receives a new identification number.

Documents to submit

To obtain an identity card, you must:

  • submit your old identity card or, if that is not possible, a statement of loss, destruction or theft filed with the Police;
  • provide proof of payment of the application fee;
  • if applicable, present proof of custody or guardianship (for minors).

ID photos are no longer required.

However, if you have a recent photograph that complies with the standards established by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), you can submit your application to the Government IT Centre (11, rue Notre-Dame, L-2240 Luxembourg) and request to have this photo used on your identity card.

Payment and fees

The fee must be paid before submitting your application to the municipal office. It must be transferred to the following CCP account (the amount varies depending on the applicant's age):

Beneficiary:TS-CE CTIE

IBAN: LU44 1111 7028 7715 0000


Reference: Demande de carte d’identité pour "first name/surname"

Age Price Validity



10 years

Between 4 and 15


5 years

Under 4



Issuance and processing time

Identity cards must be picked up in person from the Bierger-Center (Ticket C, Cash Desk). However, you may authorise someone else to pick up your identity card. You must give the name of this person when you submit your application.

The pick-up date is given when the application is submitted. In general, identity cards are issued within 10 working days of the application being submitted.

Please note: a new identity card cannot be issued before the old identity card is returned or a declaration of loss, theft or destruction issued by the Police is submitted.

Estimated waiting time

It is  12:06

Pay your bills / Pick up your ID

Expedited procedure

For the expedited procedure, a fee of €45 must be paid in advance. Documents are issued within 3 working days.

With the expedited procedure, the identity card must be picked up from the Government IT Centre (11, Rue Notre-Dame L-2240 Luxembourg).