Discard your packaging, chewing gum and cigarette butts in one of the city's 3,500 public rubbish bins. 2,500 of our bins now have ashtrays, so be sure to use them!

Did you know?

1 butt thrown on the ground can pollute up to 500 litres of water and take between 6 months and 12 years to biodegrade.

Chewing gum takes 5 years to biodegrade.

The City of Luxembourg's Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) actively supports initiatives for collecting litter in public spaces. These may be organised by public or private organisations, non-profit associations or even private individuals.

Street and pavement cleaning

According to Luxembourg City's general regulations on public order and safety, residents must ensure that pavements and gutters in front of their buildings or land are kept clean.

In jointly owned buildings, these tasks are the joint responsibility of the individual households, if they have not been delegated by the owner or collective of tenants to a third party.

For unoccupied houses and undeveloped land, the owners are responsible for cleaning pavements and gutters.

In autumn, leaving dead leaves on the pavement can pose a danger to pedestrians. Please collect dead leaves and dispose of them with your garden waste or regular household waste. Do not sweep them into gullies or sewer drains. You can also dispose of dead leaves for free at the Recycling Centre.

In winter, you must also keep your pavement clear of snow and ice. In order to prevent accidents due to snow and ice, residents are required to clear the pavements in front of their buildings and land. They must also strew appropriate materials (salt, grit, etc.) over an area that is sufficiently wide to ensure that pedestrians can pass freely.
In addition, gutters and sewer drains must be kept clear to guarantee the free flow of water.

Dog poo

According to Article 9 of the Luxembourg City general regulations on public order and safety, dog owners or walkers must prevent them from soiling the pavements, roads and squares that are part of a residential area or a pedestrian zone, playgrounds, play spaces or public green areas.

Remove dog poo discreetly using paper or plastic bags and dispose of it in one of the city's 3,500 public bins.

Plastic bags can be obtained for free from 400 distribution points throughout the city, and are also available at:

  • Luxembourg City Hall
    42, Place Guillaume II / L-2090 Luxembourg
    Open Monday to Friday 8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00
  • Bierger-Center
    44, Place Guillaume II / 2, Rue Notre-Dame / L-2090 Luxembourg
    Open Monday to Friday 8:00–17:00
  • Badanstalt Municipal Pool
    12, rue des Bains / L-1212 Luxembourg
    Closed Mondays. Open Tuesday to Friday 8:00–20:30, Saturday 8:30–19:00, and Sunday 8:00–11:00
  • Rocade de Bonnevoie building
    1–3, Rue du Laboratoire / L-1911 Luxembourg
    Open Monday to Friday 7:00–17:00
  • Bonnevoie Municipal Pool
    30, rue Sigismond / L-2537 Luxembourg
    Closed Wednesdays. Open Monday, Friday and Saturday 8:00–19:00 and Tuesday and Thursday 7:00–19:00
  • Service Hygiène
    48, Route d'Arlon / L-1140 Luxembourg
    enter via Rue du Stade, open Monday to Friday 8:00–16:00
  • Recycling Centre (Service Hygiène)
    48, Route d'Arlon / L-1140 Luxembourg
    enter via Rue du Stade, open Monday to Friday 7:00–19:30, Saturday 8:30–18:00

There are also a number of dog areas across the city:

Hedges and shrubs

Hedges and shrubs protruding from garden fences may hinder pedestrians and obstruct the view of traffic signs. The effectiveness of public lighting can also be seriously compromised.

To avoid these kinds of problems, please regularly cut the plants and shrubs in your garden so that they do not encroach on public spaces or interfere with the free movement of people and cars using public roads, in accordance with City of Luxembourg's general regulations on public order and safety.


Under the City's municipal regulations, it is prohibited to put up posters, notices or other advertisements on buildings, walls, construction fences, palisades or poles.

Posters and notices affixed in violation of these municipal regulations will be removed by the municipal authorities, and the perpetrators will be liable to criminal prosecution.

Organisers who want to publicise their events using posters must contact the concessionaire appointed by the municipal administration, who will place them in the places provided for this purpose.

For any additional information, please contact the Secrétariat général, T: +352 4796 2776.


The general regulations on public order and safety forbid the defacement or damaging of houses, cars, buildings, monuments, etc. People carrying out graffiti will be punished.

The Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) can provide you with information on the proper cleaning products to remove graffiti.

Alternatively, they can also give you a list of firms specialising in facade cleaning.