At a glance

You can call us directly (4796-3640) to share any health and safety complaints or suggestions, as well as to report any environmental violations, such as:

  • graffiti, stickers and posters on poles, lampposts, wastepaper baskets, benches or facades;
  • walkways and pavements littered by bulky waste, garbage bags or construction waste;
  • damaged road signs;
  • loose paving stones or damaged road surfaces;
  • damaged waste bins, containers or public benches;
  • rubbish in parks and green spaces;
  • tree, shrub or hedge branches obstructing paths and pavements.

The Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department), in conjunction with the Service Voirie (Roads Department), Service Canalisation (Sewer Department), Service Circulation (Traffic Department) and Service Parcs (Parks Department), is committed to fixing any issues within 48 hours. If more extensive cleaning or repairs are needed, the Departments will endeavour to carry them out as soon as possible.

If the issue reported relates to state-owned or private property, the Service Hygiène will contact the relevant authorities or owners to ensure the situation is swiftly remedied. In all cases, citizens will be kept informed about the progress of the works carried out.

Nevertheless, it is everyone's civic duty to support the City in its efforts by following the instructions below, and using the services/facilities described at the bottom of this page, as comprehensively as possible:


Street and pavement cleaning

The Service Hygiène cleans the city's streets and public squares.

According to Luxembourg City's general regulations on public order and safety, residents must ensure that pavements and gutters in front of their buildings or land are kept clean.

Help with clearing snow from pavements

People with disabilities and people over 65 living alone can, under certain conditions, ask the Service Hygiène to clear paths and pavements in the event of snow. 

Public bins

There are about 3,300 public bins around the city.

Bags for dog poo

Free plastic bags are available from 250 distribution points throughout the city:

Rodent control

As part of its pest control programme, the City of Luxembourg commissions a specialist firm to regularly carry out rodent extermination.

If residents experience a rodent problem in their own home, the costs of the first extermination are paid by the municipal authorities. Please contact the Service Hygiène at 4796-3640 or by email at

Commercial and industrial businesses cannot take advantage of this free service.