Pedestrian zones

Many parts of the capital have been converted into pedestrian zones:

  • the city centre (Place d'Armes and Grand-Rue with their adjacent streets, Place Guillaume II, Rue de la Reine and part of Rue du Marché-aux-Herbes),
  • the old town (Rue du Nord, Rue du Palais de Justice, Rue de la Monnaie, Rue Wiltheim and Rue de la Loge),
  • Place de Paris (east side) and Rue Sainte Zithe (along the hospital and retirement complex) in the Gare district, and
  • Bisserweg (from 20:00 to 6:00 the next day).

In these zones, pedestrians can use the entire width of the public road. Generally, vehicle traffic and parking are prohibited in these areas. Cyclists are, however, allowed to use certain pedestrian zones.

Vehicles using Rue du Fossé may pass through the pedestrian zones at Rue de la Reine and Rue du Curé at any time, provided they stop before crossing and give pedestrians the right of way.

Dashed crossings for pedestrians

At dashed crossings for pedestrians and cyclists where traffic is not regulated by a traffic controller or stop lights, pedestrians and cyclists must give right of way to motorised or rail traffic in both directions of the roadway or tracks they intend to cross (article 142 of the Traffic Code).

These crossings are marked by dashed lines on the ground and are put in place to ensure maximum safety for all road users.

The City's bus and tram drivers have been trained to remain aware of pedestrian movements in particular in these areas in order to maximise road user safety for everyone.