The City of Luxembourg seeks to protect the environment with the aim of improving the health, well-being and quality of life of all its residents, while making the city an attractive destination for employers and investors.

Accroche Environnement

Subsidies aimed at combatting climate change

Overview of the subsidies aimed at combatting climate change.



Hot drinks to go are an important part of the morning routine for a large portion of the working population. However, these drinks are generally served in dispo…

Verre d'eau

Drinking water

A precious and vital resource

Energy-saving measures adopted by the City of Luxembourg

Energy-saving measures adopted by the College of the Mayor and Aldermen to reduce energy consumption in municipal buildings and facilities and in public spaces.

Rapport environnemental 2020

Environmental report and action plan

The environmental report reviews the progress made by the City of Luxembourg in relation to the environment, and serves as the basis for the preparation of its …

parc municipal de la Ville

City of Luxembourg's commitment to the environment

The City of Luxembourg is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of its residents through agreements and partnerships with organisations certified in e…

Pigeons en Ville

Living with animals in the city

Many animals live alongside the city's human residents, including both domesticated and wild species.

Consommer éco-responsable

Environmentally responsible purchasing

By applying environmental criteria when buying products, the City of Luxembourg is honouring its commitment to limit its impact on the environment.

Alimentation saine

Promoting healthy diets

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is one of the best ways to maintain and improve your health.

vêtements de travail et produits Fairtrade

Supporting fair trade

As a municipality certified under the "Fairtrade Gemeng" initiative (part of the international Fair Trade Towns movement), the City of Luxembourg undertakes to …

Abeilles dans un champ de fleurs

Promoting biodiversity

Urban biodiversity is the sign of a healthy environment, and must be preserved and nurtured.

Gérer le bruit

Noise management

The health effects of exposure to noise are a growing public-health issue.


Managing waste

The City of Luxembourg manages household and similar waste, and leads efforts for waste prevention.


Managing wastewater and protecting waterways

Protecting waterways entails extending and maintaining wastewater management infrastructure on a constant basis, but also restoring streams to their natural sta…


Protecting our municipal forests

The City of Luxembourg owns 1,055 hectares of forests, covering over 20% of its total area.


Limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields

The rise of cutting-edge communications technologies goes hand in hand with an increase in electromagnetic radiation.

Logotype Klimabündnis Luxembourg

Protecting the climate and managing energy needs

The City of Luxembourg has put in place a set of measures to reduce energy consumption and climate impact.

Nettoyage des voies publiques

Keeping the city clean

General information about municipal measures and services to keep the city clean. (Cleaning of streets and pavements, public bins, bags for dog excrement, pest …

Bien-être en Ville

Preserving air quality

Air quality plays is essential to human health and to the environment in general.


Wood fires: how to be environmentally responsible

Luxembourg City, which has over a thousand hectares of forest, has decided to open up the sale of quality firewood from its forests to its residents, selling it…

parc municipal de la Ville en automne

Autumn and winter services

Collection of fallen leaves, clearing of snow, and salting of public roads, squares, bus stops, cycle paths and footpaths in parks.