Environmental report and action plan

A strategic tool was developed in 2007 to guide and organise the City of Luxembourg's environmental measures. It takes the form of an environmental action plan, divided into issues, targets and planned actions.
Each year, a review is presented in the form of an environmental report. The action plan is reassessed in light of these annual results and is adjusted where necessary to better achieve the targets set.

The main objectives of the action plan are:

  • the protection and preservation of shared natural assets (air, water, soil, biodiversity, energy)
  • responsible consumption through the prudent and efficient use of resources (water and energy savings, waste management, sustainable purchasing)
  • eco-friendly urban design (PAG, green plan, building regulations, etc.)
  • improved mobility and limited traffic, taking into account the relationship between transport, health and environment
  • local action for a global impact on climate change (CO2 emissions)

The Climate Pact signed in December 2012 is an integral part of the environmental action plan.