"Selling in public spaces" or "sale in a public space" means any occupation of a public space by natural or legal persons for the purpose of selling products to third parties;

"Food bike" means a manual or electric bicycle within the meaning of the traffic code (Code de la Route) from which food and/or beverages are sold.

Selling goods from a motor vehicle or trailer parked in a public space is prohibited, except during specific events or as part of operating a food truck.

Anyone who wishes to sell products in a public space within the city limits of Luxembourg City must request authorisation from the municipal administration.

Applications must be submitted using the standardised form below. The documents listed in the form must be included with your application (failing this, your application will not be considered).

How to apply

To operate this kind of stall in a public space, please complete the form below and send it to us within the deadline specified therein.

The conditions of participation and operation can be found in the form.
A paper version of the form may be requested at the address stated under "Contact details" below.