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The terms below are defined as follows:

  • "selling in public spaces" or "sale in a public space" means any occupation of a public space by natural or legal persons for the purpose of selling products to third parties;

  • "public space" means all municipal land (public or private) that is accessible or made accessible to the public; and

  • "food bike" means a manual or electric bicycle within the meaning of the traffic code (Code de la Route) from which food and/or beverages are sold.

Selling in public spaces is prohibited without prior written authorisation from the City.

Such authorisation can be given only for the locations and times listed below, subject to availability and provided that the size of the structure to be used and the type of products offered are appropriate for the site.

Selling goods from a motor vehicle or trailer parked in a public space is prohibited, except during specific events or as part of operating a food truck in accordance with the conditions pertaining thereto, as defined by the college of aldermen.

Authorised products and structures

  1. Only foodstuffs and drinks, except for grilled food, fries, etc.

  2. The products on offer must be stated in the application.

  3. Packaging must be reusable or at least generate little waste, in accordance with the ecological criteria applied by the City, as stated in Factsheet 4 "Eco-friendly tips for food and drink stands".

  4. Only "to-go" points of sale, without seating areas, are allowed.

  5. Structures or equipment set up on-site may not be more then 2 metres wide. The City may set a maximum size for such moveable structures, depending on the layout of the site in question.


Such authorisation can be given only for the locations and times listed below, subject to availability and provided that the size of the structure to be used and the type of products offered are appropriate for the site.


  • Place Guillaume II (between the entrance to the Bierger-Center and the Maison Lassner)
  • Place de Clairefontaine (near the "Le Clairefontaine" restaurant)
  • Piquet
  • Rond-Point Schuman (entrance to the municipal park)
  • Charly’s Gare (entrance to the municipal park)


  • Place de Paris
  • Place de la Gare
  • Rue de Strasbourg, in front of the community centre


  • Intersection of Rue de Bonnevoie/Rue du Laboratoire


  • Rue du Pont, in front of the elevator entrance

Food bikes may also operate in City parks and in front of municipal museums in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Locations are available for 60-minute timeslots from 7:00 to 20:00 for a maximum of 8 hours a day and 56 hours a week per applicant. Exceptions to this rule may be made during holidays or specific events, provided that the application is received by the City at least 3 weeks before the start of the proposed operations.

Applicants may request only one location per time slot.

The same location cannot be requested more than twice. The same rule applies to time slots. These conditions do not apply to City park and municipal museum locations.

Locations and time slots are allocated for weekly occupancy, which remains unchanged for as long as the permit is valid.


The hourly fee for occupying one square metre is:

  • Place Guillaume II: €1.60
  • Place de Clairefontaine: €1.60
  • Piquet: €1.60
  • Rond-Point Schuman: €0.80
  • Charly's Gare: €0.80
  • Place de Paris: €1.60
  • Place de la Gare: €1.60
  • Rue de Strasbourg, in front of the community centre: €1.60
  • Intersection of Rue de Bonnevoie/Rue du Laboratoire: €0.80
  • Pfaffenthal, in front of the elevator entrance: €0.40.
  • City parks and in front of municipal museums: €0.80

The City will send the permit holder an invoice stating the fee to be paid. Payment must be made before the permit is used.

The fee is payable even if the permit holder does not make use of the permit.

Sale of handicrafts

For the sale of handicrafts (defined as products produced by hand in a workshop or studio, or produced manually on-site by the applicants themselves), a permit may be issued under the following conditions:

Any sale of industrially manufactured products is prohibited, except at the following location:

  • Place d'Armes
  • Piquet
  • Place de la Gare
  • Place de Paris

This location may be occupied from 10:00 to 21:00 and the installation may not be wider than 2 metres.

Applicants may request to operate at a particular site for up to 20 days/year, with a maximum of 10 consecutive calendar days at the same location.

The applicable fees are listed in the tax regulations (Règlement-Taxe) of the City of Luxembourg (article 6 of chapter H-3: Voirie). Payment is due whether or not the permit holder makes use of the permit.

General terms and conditions

1. Any structure set up in a public space must comply with the following conditions:

  • The size of the installation must be suited to the layout of the site.
  • Access to the site must be possible for emergency services at all times, and safety access routes must always remain clear.
  • The installation may not be fixed to the ground, and must be visually open to the public space. It must not interfere with the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic (including delivery areas), or obstruct the entrances of buildings or shop windows. The same restrictions apply to the assembly and disassembly of the installation or, in the case of food bikes, when the structure is moved. Installations must be assembled and disassembled in such a way as not to cause danger to passers-by.
  • The installation may remain in place only during the specific time periods authorised.

2. The City is committed to protecting the environment, in particular by preventing waste and taking eco-friendly measures. This means that, before beginning operations, the permit holder must contact Luxembourg City's Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) to determine what measures to take to ensure optimal waste collection. In any case, permit holders must remove any waste produced as a result of their operations; this must be done on a daily basis and at their own expense. If they fail to do so, the City reserves the right, after serving a formal notice without effect, to remove the waste at the permit holder's expense.

3. Permits are issued subject to the existence of the necessary infrastructure (connection to water, electricity, gas, water mains) near the site, as the case may be. The permit holder must apply to the relevant suppliers for connection to the utility networks once they have signed the occupancy agreement.

4. The permit shall specify the size of the installation, its location(s), the date(s) and time(s) of operation and the type of products authorised for sale.

5. Ancillary items such as refrigeration facilities, storage etc. are not authorised if they are not an integral part of the structure.

6. Separate electric generators may not be used.

7. Along with the permit, the City shall issue the holder with a certificate, which must be kept to hand at the location of the installation, and must be presented on first request for the entire period of operations. This certificate shall indicate the name of the permit holder, the type of products authorised, the exact location on the site where the permit holder is authorised to operate and the authorised dates and times of operation.

8. During events requiring special police measures, as well as transformation or maintenance work, the permit holder must vacate the site upon first request from the City. No compensation or refunds may be claimed in such circumstances. If the permit holder fails to comply, the City will remove the installation at the permit holder's expense.

9. A permit may be revoked with immediate effect if the holder does not make use of their permit for a period of 14 consecutive days. The same is true if they fail to pay the invoice sent to them by the City.

10. No sums will be refunded if, for whatever reason, the permit holder cannot occupy the site as planned.

11. Permit holders must have the necessary insurance to cover any liability that may result from their operations.

12. The permit is not transferable to third parties.

How to apply

Anyone who has a business permit and/or other special permits or licenses necessary for the activity in question may apply for a permit. Applications made on behalf of other parties will not be processed. Applicants who are natural persons must be 18 years of age at the time of the application. Applications made on behalf of legal persons must be made by their legal representative.

Unless otherwise specified, authorisations are valid for a maximum of six months, expiring on 31 March and 30 September of each year.

All applications for the period running from 1 April to 30 September must be filed between 1 February and 1 March of the year in question; all applications for the period running from 1 October to 31 March must be filed between 1 August and 1 September. Applications filed before or after the above-mentioned dates will not be processed.

The authorisation is valid only if the related occupancy agreement has been signed by both the college of aldermen and the applicant.

Applications must be submitted using the form below.

A paper version of the form may be requested at the address stated under "Contact details" below.

The form must be completed in full and signed. The documents listed therein must also be submitted. Applications without these documents will not be processed.

Only complete and signed applications, accompanied by all the necessary documentation, and satisfying all of the conditions herein, will be processed.

Locations and time slots are granted according to the size of the structure or equipment to be used and the products to be offered, and care is taken not to create direct competition with existing establishments in the immediate vicinity of the site.

If there is only one applicant for a particular location and time slot, the location will be granted to that person subject to the above conditions.

For locations and time slots for which several acceptable applications have been received, the one dated earliest will be chosen. The applicable date in such cases is the date on which the City received the application.

If, for whatever reason, a site becomes available before the end of the period, it will be offered to applicants who filed applications for that location, in chronological order of receipt of their applications. Occupancy of the site will end upon expiry of the period in question.

Contact details

Petit Passage

9, rue Chimay
L-2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00