The remit of the municipal council covers all matters relating to the interests of the City of Luxembourg and its residents. Accordingly, under the Decree of 14 December 1789 relating to the constitution of municipalities (décret du 14 décembre 1789 relatif à la constitution des municipalités), it is the responsibility of the municipal council to ensure that residents enjoy the benefits of a strong public order, notably with respect to cleanliness, hygiene and peace in public streets, places and buildings.

The remit of the municipal council includes:

  • voting on the budget and public accounts;
  • the setting of rates and fees;
  • approval of construction and urban planning projects;
  • appointment, removal or dismissal of civil servants and other staff.

The law grants the municipal council the authority to enact municipal governance regulations and municipal regulations on public order and safety, including any applicable penalties. The municipal council also gives its opinion on the decisions taken by public institutions supervised by the municipal authorities, and approves their budgets and financial statements.

Meetings of the municipal council are chaired by the mayor and are held as often as required by the City's day-to-day operations, but at least once every three months. Sessions of the municipal council are open to the public (with a few exceptions) and anyone may attend as an observer. In addition, the City of Luxembourg publishes detailed reports on the proceedings of the municipal council on a regular basis.