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Schedules and real-time departures

Tram line with 15 stops

The tram connects the Luxexpo with Luxembourg Central Station and serves 15 stops:

  • Luxexpo (transfer hub with buses and future P+R),
  • Alphonse Weicker,
  • Nationalbibliothéik / Bibliothèque nationale (National Library),
  • Universitéit,
  • Coque,
  • Europaparlement / Parlement européen (European Parliament),
  • Philharmonie – Mudam,
  • Rout Bréck – Pafendall (transfer hub with buses and the new CFL Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg train station),
  • Theater,
  • Faïencerie,
  • Stäreplaz/Étoile,
  • Hamilius,
  • Place de Metz,
  • Place de Paris,
  • Luxembourg Central Station.

Luxtram SA

The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (Ministère du Développement durable et des Infrastructures) and the City of Luxembourg established Luxtram S.A. for the specific purpose of carrying out the planning, development, construction and operation of a tram line in Luxembourg City.

The share capital of Luxtram S.A. is €6 million, which is held entirely by the Luxembourg government (€4 million) and the City of Luxembourg (€2 million).

Luxembourg City departments involved in the tram project

Central administration

  • Cimetières (Cemeteries): technical interfaces and access to Glacis Cemetery
  • Fêtes et Marchés (Festivals and Markets): coordination of surveys and worksites for Schueberfouer installations and other events in the city
  • Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication (Information and Communications Technology): network diversion and reinforcement for ICT; optical fibre to CRM, SLT optical fibre, WLAN system at CRM, Hotcity in station
  • Communication et relations publiques (Communication and Public Relations): internal and external communication, relations with Luxtram and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure 
  • Bibliothèque (Library): BNL survey and worksite coordination
  • The two municipal museums: preparation of Section B work sites at Villa Vauban
  • Luxembourg City theatres: Grand Théâtre survey and worksite coordination

 Land use planning

  • Direction du géomètre (Survey Directorate) 
    • Parcs (Parks): Section B survey and worksite coordination
    • Topographie-Géomatique (Topography and Geomatics): data sharing
  • Direction de l'architecte (Architecture Directorate)
    • Architecture-Maintenance (Architecture-Maintenance): coordination with the Grand Théâtre
    • Bâtiments (Buildings): coordination with the Grand Théâtre 
    • Urbanisme (Urban planning): permit applications related to the redevelopment of the surrounding area

 Technical work

  • Direction Énergie-Environnement (Energy and Environment Directorate)
    • Canalisation (Sewer): system diversion and reinforcement 
    • Eaux (Water): system diversion and reinforcement 
    • Énergie (Energy): system diversion and reinforcement 
    • Hygiène (Sanitation): system diversion and reinforcement 
  • Direction Génie civil - Constructions (Civil Engineering – Construction Directorate)
    • Coordination des chantiers (Work Site Coordination): coordination and scheduling of works in Luxembourg city
    • Éclairage public (Public Lighting): system diversion and reinforcement
    • Ouvrages d'art (Civil Engineering): coordination with the Schuman car park
    • Voirie (Roads): coordination of surveys and construction work, road permits for carrying out the work
  • Direction Mobilité (Transport Directorate)
    • Autobus (Buses): work site organisation, ITCS (operation and maintenance of the ITCS system)  
    • Circulation (Traffic): coordination and organisation of worksites, SLT planning and maintenance; road permits for carrying out the work

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