Services Seniors et Intervention sociale - Mir si fir Iech do_04.2020

Bureau Accueil Social

Personalised information, advice, and guidance toward the competent office, whether internal or external to the City's administrations.



An individual pass issued upon request to persons or families experiencing economic hardship. The pass entitles its holder to free admission to the city's munic...

Monnaie sur fond blanc

Solidarity benefits and energy allowance

Any resident of Luxembourg City who receives cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund may apply for solidarity benefits. Every resident of Luxe...

Services Seniors et Intervention sociale - Mir si fir Iech do_04.2020

Social assistance

Assistance in the form of short-, medium-, or long-term social support to protect human dignity. Such assistance may be palliative, curative, or preventive, and...

caritas épicerie sociale

Social supermarkets

Social supermarkets that make unsold or unsellable food items (that are in perfect condition) available to persons in need. Buyers contribute financially accord...

Protection of personal property following eviction

With regard to the special procedures for managing the storage of the personal property of people who have been served an eviction order, the municipality and t...

Helping to reduce begging and provide assistance

The City has decided to amend its General Regulations on Public Order and Safety to curb panhandling. The City works together closely with various social organi...

Streetwork Organisation und Träger


The street work services run by the City of Luxembourg are based on a project from 2001 called "Projekt Streetwork – Jugendliche im städtischen Raum".

Un instructeur du sport dirige un vieille femme

For seniors

Amenities and services to assist seniors in their daily lives and enable them to continue living at home as long as possible; care and residential infrastructur...