How it works

These special stores function in the same manner as the "Tafel" (food banks) in Germany, that is, with support from bakeries, supermarkets, small stores, and companies, which supply the social supermarkets with unsold or unsellable food items (that are in perfect condition). The food items are collected by volunteers and redistributed to persons in need, who contribute financially according to their needs. Food is collected from Monday to Saturday.

Request for access

In order to better organise access to these stores, the Office social (Social Welfare Office) of Luxembourg City identifies persons in need, giving priority to single-parent households and large families, and provides them with a card that gives them access to sales points. In return, recipients pay two euros. This fee enables them to help contribute towards the operating costs of these centres, despite their temporarily disadvantaged situation. The number of families admitted to the programme will be increased gradually, in order to ensure that enough food is available for the number of people and families enrolled.

Persons in need who wish to make use of this service may contact the Office social of Luxembourg City to enquire as to their eligibility. Following an evaluation, the Office social may direct persons in need to one of the two following institutions:

Contact details

21, rue Michel Welter
L-2730 Luxembourg / Gare

Opening hours

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


Tuesdays and Thursdays


Contact details

166, rue de Beggen
L-1220 Luxembourg

Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday





The "Cent Buttek" food bank for persons in need, located in Maison Greisch, was inaugurated in October 2010. The number of people receiving support from this food bank is growing, and the premises had to be extended in 2012.

After the success of the first store in Bettembourg (first opened on 22 December 2009), the City of Luxembourg was pleased to host a "Cent Buttek" in the heart of the capital, by providing the premises in Beggen and covering maintenance and utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.) costs.

In September 2011, the muncipality of Walferdange joined the "Cent Buttek – Beggen". As a result of this partnership, residents of Walferdange may gain access to the store through the social welfare office in Walferdange.


The "Cent Buttek – Beggen" team is composed entirely of volunteers who, for the most part, reside in Luxembourg City. The various operational tasks are performed in accordance with a schedule that takes into account the availability, skills, and wishes of each volunteer.

If you want to join the volunteer team at "Cent Buttek – Beggen", please contact the team leaders:

  • Annette Karels (tel: +352 661 170 150) or
  • Adely Thill-Gross (tel: +352 621 359 449).