The information provided in our calendar is drawn from, which is the most comprehensive calendar of events in the Greater Region, covering a variety of areas, such as culture, tourism, education, science and leisure events.


In its Ville Haute and Gare districts, the City of Luxembourg has a wide variety of shops for all tastes and budgets.


Visit the Clausen, Ville Haute, Vieille Ville and Gare districts and discover the many bars, cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs the City of Luxembourg has to offer.


The capital is full of fine restaurants that offer varied and innovative cuisine in elegant settings. Enjoy typical dishes from many countries around the world.

Bars and clubs

Clubs are generally open until 6:00.

Family activities

Activities for seniors

The Service Seniors (Department of Senior Services) organises a wide range of activities for seniors to meet people of the same age, expand their knowledge and participate in cultural events:

  • Cultural activities and outings
  • Lectures / classes
  • Social lunches
  • Kino mat Häerz… a mat Kaffi ("Cinema with heart… and coffee!")
  • Intergenerational projects
  • Intercultural projects