Assistance and advice

  • The Cellule Développement économique et commercial (Economic and Commercial Development Unit) is the main point of contact between the capital's entrepreneurs and the municipal administration of Luxembourg City.
  • Single point of contact ( for all online administrative procedures for businesses. The House of Entrepreneurship is a ONE-STOP SHOP set up by the Chamber of Commerce in Kirchberg. It provides advice and assistance to people who want to open a business. It offers a wide range of services: advice for entrepreneurs on business permits and incorporation requirements; advice on labour, insurance and competition law; support related to simplified limited liability companies (SARL), as well as direct and indirect taxation.
  • Luxinnovation: as Luxembourg's national agency for the promotion of innovation and research, Luxinnovation offers free integrated and customised services for companies of all sizes, innovative start-ups and researchers in public sector institutions.

New businesses

Useful links

  • Nyuko is a not-for-profit association whose mission is to promote entrepreneurship and help people launch their own business projects in Luxembourg.Based in the House of Entrepreneurship, nyuko helps aspiring entrepreneurs by offering workshops, support programmes and access to various kinds of detailed data. These services are available to all projects that are in pre-creation: nyuko guides you from the idea phase through to business launch.
  • Luxembourg innovation and research portal: Advice for creating innovative businesses.
  • The Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts has a dedicated space for entrepreneurs.
  • House of Startups: ecosystem for start-ups that facilitates their development (hosting, IT, etc.).


Luxembourg City Incubator

The Luxembourg City Incubator has taken up residence at the House of Startups, an initiative launched by the Chamber of Commerce that can accommodate, in the 4,200 m² venue, between 150 and 250 innovative start-ups working in a wide range of sectors, both locally and internationally.

The Luxembourg City Incubator offers support to start-ups from a variety of sectors, such as the creative industries, and social and female entrepreneurship. Business accelerator and coaching services are provided by nyuko ASBL, which has moved from Rue de Hollerich to its new offices at the House of Startups. The main objective of the Luxembourg City Incubator project is to "incubate" nascent businesses, which means providing support in the form of hosting, consulting and training start-ups during the initial stages of the business life cycle in order to encourage their development under the most favourable conditions possible.

The Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) will continue to host and support FinTech companies, as well as raise awareness of new technologies in the Luxembourg financial sector.

The City of Luxembourg and the Chamber of Commerce have decided to jointly invest in this project.

Useful links

Luxembourg-City Incubator: support for start-ups in their launch and growth phases.

LHoFT Luxembourg House of Financial Technology: hosting and supporting of companies from the FinTech sector.

Representative bodies and business associations

The businesses and merchants of the capital are represented by several associations and organisations that can offer guidance and support: