Within the municipality, the Cellule développement économique et commercial – DEC (Economic and Commercial Development Unit) fulfils several functions:

  • Setting up and managing a commerce observatory tasked with analysing and monitoring economic and commercial developments in Luxembourg City.
  • Assessing the economic impact of events held in Luxembourg City.
  • Managing pop-up stores, which includes organising related calls for applications.
  • Providing expertise in international relations.
  • Acting as an intermediary and representative of the City of Luxembourg within the QuattroPole network.
  • If needed, it can also provide information and refer you to the appropriate departments in the municipal administration or to existing organisations that support businesses.

"Retail" database

The City has created the "Retail" database to help increase the visibility of the city's shops. The aim of this database is to gather details about these shops ...

Boutique éphémère au numéro 38 de la rue Philippe II en Ville_vue d'intérieur

Applications and conditions

On this page, you will find all the information you need about rental costs, the terms and conditions of rental, and the application form.



A platform to help you discover or re-discover the joys of shopping in Luxembourg City!

Plateforme LetzShop

LetzShop: become a vendor

The e-commerce platform will be an online shop that brings together vendors from all over the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on one site. It will enable them to gain...

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Opening a shop or business

Resources available when opening a business or shop, placement of signs, interior and exterior fixtures (awnings and terraces), and related municipal regulation...

PopUp Charlys Gare

Pop-up bar and café at Charly's Gare

First pop-up store in the city to offer snacks and other items.

pop-up vide 25, rue des capucins

Pop-up store at 25, rue des Capucins

Detailed information for the space at 25, rue des Capucins.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store no. 38

Detailed information about the space at 38, rue Philippe II.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store no. 40

Detailed information for the space at 40, rue Philippe II.

local du magasin éphémère depuis l'extérieur

Pop-up store n°26, rue des Capucins

Détails du local situé au 26, rue des Capucins.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up store n°3, rue Origer

Détails du local situé au 3, rue Origer.

Vitrine d'un pop-up shop en ville

Pop-up Store n°30, rue des Capucins

Détails du local situé au 30, rue des Capucins.

Local pour boutique éphémère à la location au centre-ville

Rent a pop-up store

Open your pop-up store or show room in one of the two spaces available in the heart of the city.

Luxembourg-city incubator

Support and assistance for businesses

Assistance and advice for businesses of all sizes and sectors when they set up operations in Luxembourg City.

Luxembourg Time Traveler

The Luxembourg Time Traveller

Augmented reality: Explore Luxembourg City at the turn of the 20th century: the city’s economic and commercial development were in full swing, and small busines...

Ville de Luxembourg

Why Luxembourg?

Luxembourg City has much to offer: it's a European capital with an excellent quality of life, a strong economic centre, and a skilled, multilingual population. ...

Wien in Luxemburg

"Wien in Luxemburg" will be running throughout 2023 and will feature a host of cultural and culinary delights.