Overview of the project

In providing short-term rental space for creative workshops and offices in two buildings, the "Design Hub" offers design professionals a chance to occupy premises for up to 11 months, in an environment that is conducive to creation, co-working, and the hosting of workshops and other events for visitors and residents in Luxembourg City.

Current tenants

Henri Schoetter

Henri Schoetter is a creative at heart, who began drawing from an early age. While he was studying architecture in Vienna, Henri Schoetter decided to make his passion for drawing and illustrations his profession. The creations produced by this freelance graphic artist always start out on paper. He then polishes and finalises the work on the screen using digital tools, tapping into his keen sense for detail.

Julie Conrad – Design Studio

Julie Conrad – Design Studio sells a range of furniture, pieces and accessories that are recognisable by their circular design, which combines both artisanal and industrial aesthetics. This young Luxembourg designer's work reflects an in-depth exploration of the characteristics of the materials that she uses to create unique, multifunctional pieces.

Design Luxembourg SARL

Design Luxembourg SARL wishes to establish itself as a federation of design professionals, with the aim of heightening awareness among public authorities of the specific features of creative professions and, through targeted actions, promoting its members and providing them with a forum for support and the exchange of ideas.


"ruth.atelier" is a multidisciplinary design studio run by Ruth Lorang. With her passion for design, Ruth offers a wide range of services, including interior design, illustration, graphic design and product design (furniture, objects, accessories, etc.), all of which reflect her respect for nature and for others.

Navid Razvi

As a freelance creative director, Navid Razvi designs and creates audio-visual content for artists and corporate customers. His services include directing, filming and editing interviews, after-movies, documentaries, trailers and music videos, as well as graphic and sound design for audio-visual projects.