Protection of personal data

Data and information collected by the City of Luxembourg

Video surveillance on buses: protection of your personal data

A key objective of the City of Luxembourg ("the City") is to provide residents with a user-friendly service. It therefore goes without saying that protecting yo...

CCTV monitoring by the Service Voirie's Centre d'Intervention et d'Entretien Cessange (CIEC), and protection of your personal data

The welfare and safety of visitors, and of its own staff, are of the utmost importance for the City of Luxembourg's Service Voirie (Department of Streets). Acco...

Information notice on video monitoring in connection with retractable bollards operated by the Service Circulation

Protecting your personal data is a priority for the City. The Service Circulation (Traffic Department) – which manages the retractable bollards controlling acce...

Mention légale de protection des données personnelles pour plateforme de transfert de candidatures

Données relatives aux candidatures reçues, vie professionnelle et personnelle.

Camion Service Hygiène

Processing of personal data

Information notice relating to the processing of personal data by the Service Hygiène.

Processing of personal data

Notice on the processing of personal data during European elections.

cours de gym dans un hall sportif

Aid for clubs and associations

The City awards three types of grants to associations.

Monnaie sur fond blanc

Solidarity benefits and energy allowance

Any resident of Luxembourg City who receives cost-of-living benefits from the National Solidarity Fund may apply for solidarity benefits. Every resident of Luxe...

site de la Ville de Luxembourg visible sur un iPad


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Pigeons en Ville

Living with animals in the city

Many animals live alongside the city's human residents, including both domesticated and wild species.

Rules for the video contest organised as part of "My Urban Piano 2024"

These rules relate to the organisation of a contest as part of the "My Urban Piano 2024" project in which the winners are issued vouchers.