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The Sports pour tous programme is designed to meet almost all tastes and allows young people, adults and seniors of all fitness levels to choose from among a wide range of over 160 recreational sports, fitness, and health classes held at various sports halls and pools, as well as outdoors. Classes for the 2020–2021 season will start on Thursday, 1 October 2020, and will be held from Monday to Sunday, morning to evening, at more than 30 sites across Luxembourg City.

All of the classes are run by specially trained sports instructors from the Service Sports (Sports Department), as well as swimming instructors and trainers from authorised clubs.

Registration forms and practical information

Registration forms are available below and at the Service Sports (90, boulevard de Kockelscheuer / L-1821 Luxembourg / / Tel. 4796-4400 or 4796-4415).

Please note that participants must comply with the social-distancing measures, safety precautions and hygiene practices that apply in all sports facilities (swimming pools, multi-purpose sports halls, gyms, etc.), at all open–air sites (parks, leisure centres, etc.), and for all types of sporting activities on offer.

Classes are free for children, but registration, along with parental consent, is required.​

For adults and seniors who are Luxembourg City residents, registration costs €30/course/season, or €110 for a full season pass. Residents of other municipalities may enrol for €60/course/season, or €220 for a full season pass.

One class per season in the "seniors" programme is free for people aged 55 and up (registration is required).

International asylum seekers can sign up for the Sports pour tous programme for free, provided they are sponsored by a Luxembourgish organisation recognised for its work with international asylum seekers.

City employees can sign up for classes at the same prices as Luxembourg City residents, no matter where they live.

the department

Contact details

90, Boulevard de Kockelscheuer
L-1821 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:30–11:30 and 14:30–16:30