Sports classes

The sports programme for adults includes more than 100 weekly classes: stretching, general fitness, restorative fitness, preventative fitness, abs/back, midday workout, family fitness for parents & kids (ages 1–4), aerobics, fitness for skiing, body shaping, weight machine workout, water aerobics, aqua jogging, hydrogym, jogging, Nordic walking, non-competitive volleyball and more.

Alongside these traditional sports activities, the programme also includes some out-of-the-ordinary ones, such as introductory curling sessions, ice skating for parents & kids (ages 4–11, field hockey, self-defence, fitness fiesta, cross fitness, tai chi and qi gong.


The special "Spring-Summer" programme is free for everyone registered for the 2023-2024 season of "Sports pour tous".


For residents of Luxembourg City

  • per course and per season: €30.00
  • full season pass – adults: €110.00

For residents of other municipalities

  • per course and per season: €60.00
  • full season pass – adults: €220

The "adult season pass" (passe-partout-adultes) grants holders access to all classes in the adult sports programme for an entire season, with the exception of classes that can only accept a limited number of people and for which participants must specifically sign up.

International asylum seekers can sign up to the Sports pour tous programme, provided they are sponsored by a Luxembourgish organisation recognised for its work with international asylum seekers.

Luxembourg City municipal staff can benefit from the same rates as residents of Luxembourg City, provided they have valid staff ID (carte de légitimation ).

Water activities

All participants must also purchase an entry ticket to the municipal pool where the class will be held. These can be purchased at the Bonnevoie pool or at the Bierger-Center, except for the classes held at the Badanstalt centre, for which tickets must be purchased on-site. ​

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Indoor activities

  • Aerobics: low intensity general fitness and strength training set to music, with alternating periods of effort and active rest.
  • Power fitness: high-intensity workouts, targeting muscle strength and improving general physical condition.
  • Dance aerobics: choreography based on aerobics and jazz moves, set to house, latino or techno music. The show must go on!
  • Fitness fiesta: mix of latino dance moves, fitness, and aerobics, suitable for all levels. ​ This class allows you to unwind, express yourself through dance, and blow off some steam.
  • Fitness for skiing: general fitness and specific preparation for winter sports. Reduce the risks of injury by practising a range of coordination, stretching and flexibility exercises over the winter season (until March). After that, this class focusses on general fitness training.
  • Step fitness: cardiovascular endurance training set to music, using height-adjustable steps. ​
  • Abs and Back: fitness training specifically targeting the abdominal muscles.
  • Noon fitness: lunch-time class consisting primarily of aerobics and stretching exercises. ​
  • Women's fitness: women-only class featuring exercises adapted to the female body.
  • Restorative fitness: physical exercises set to music and designed to help you relax, using muscle tension and relaxation exercises. Class targeted at people seeking to restore their bodies after work in order to improve their well-being.
  • General fitness: maintain physical fitness through regular, low-intensity, cardiovascular and muscular training, and stretching and flexibility exercises.
  • Gym for all: this general get-in-shape programme focuses on developing strength, flexibility, and well-being.
  • Preventative fitness: maintain your health and gain better body awareness. Learn how to perform everyday movements the right way, for example, how to sit properly, lift heavy objects safely, and run correctly.
  • Body-shaping: gymnastic exercises set to music, to tone the entire body.
  • Power body-shaping: more intense body-shaping class to tone the whole body.
  • Stretching: A useful complement to all physical and sporting activities, stretching is a risk-free way of improving flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Recreational multi-sports: various sporting activities to build and maintain all-round fitness.
  • Multi-Handi-Sports:class for people aged 12-26 with (or without) special needs. Through a range of fun sports and games, participants learn the importance of regular exercise that is adapted to their needs and abilities. ​ The course is organised in cooperation with the association Les enfants du soleil.
  • Weight lifting on machines: specific, individualised strength training. ​ The exercises are performed on new machines and are supervised by qualified instructors.
  • Cross-fitness: short, high intensity, full-body training sessions to increase muscle strength and stamina through a combination of weightlifting, gymnastic and endurance exercises.
  • Self-defence: classes in basic self-defence techniques to improve self-esteem and teach you how to defend yourself should you need to. ​
  • Sports activities organised in cooperation with Luxembourg City sports clubs or associations
    • Recreational volleyball (Volley-Club Belair) ​
    • Badminton (Badminton Club Européen) ​
    • Table tennis (Dësch Tennis Union Lëtzebuerg/Dësch Tennis Amicale Cessange)
    • Triathlon (Triathlon Luxembourg)
    • Billiards (Académie de Billard Luxembourg) ​
    • Chess ("Gambit" chess club Luxembourg-Bonnevoie)
    • Archery ("Flèche d'or" archery club)
    • Curling (Curling Club Luxembourg)
    • Field hockey (Hockey Club Luxembourg)

Outdoor activities

  • Walking tours for experienced hikers: full-day outings organised throughout the country. The meeting point is always Luxembourg Central Station (Gare centrale). Participants must purchase their own train ticket. Participants must also bring their own lunch and drinks. ​ Appropriate shoes are required. ​
  • Walking: this gentle sport is very effective for training the cardiovascular system. It can serve as training towards Nordic walking or jogging. Anyone can do it and achieve optimal results, as long as they use the proper technique.
  • Nordic walking: during Nordic walking, you use 90% of your muscles. This type of exercise also strengthens the cardio-pulmonary system. Walking helps you keep fit, while giving you the opportunity to socialise with the other people in your walking group.
  • Jogging for beginners – "Nei derbäi: In this class for beginners, participants learn the proper running and pacing techniques needed to run long-distance races. Specially trained instructors are on hand to guide participants through these techniques. This class was added to the Sports pour tous programme following the success of the night marathon, which was first held in May 2006.
  • Jogging: jogging strengthens the cardio-pulmonary system, stimulates the immune system, and relieves stress. Regular jogging gradually increases stamina, allowing you to run longer distances with fewer pauses and without getting short of breath. An ideal training programme is two 30+ minute sessions per week. A pre-session warm-up and a post-session relaxation period are essential for optimum results.
  • Qi gong: movement and concentration techniques to increase vital energy and well-being. Breathing and body awareness exercises that bring about a better interaction between the inner self and its environment.
  • Tai chi chuan: this class allows you to find inner calm and tranquillity through a series of harmonious movements, deep breathing, and concentrating on your own actions. Greater body awareness also allows you to be more attentive to yourself, strengthens your immune defences, increases your ability to relax and improves your general well-being. Participants meet at the Merl Park (entrance on Rue de Bragance, near the Chamber of Private Sector Employees (Chambre des Employés privés)).
  • Introduction to golf: Try your hand at golf at the Luxembourg Golf Center in Kockelscheuer.
  • Golf for beginners and advanced players: Introductory classes for beginners and advanced classes for experienced players take place starting in spring at the Christnach Golf & Country Club.
  • Beach Volleyball: In the summer months, every Thursday from 17:00 to 21:00 on special courts at the Boy Konen sports complex in Cessange.

Water activities

These classes are open to everyone, even if you can't swim.

  • Aqua fitness - Water aerobics: the exercises in this class work the entire body to help maintain and improve general well-being.
  • Aquapower: similar to the aqua fitness class, but more intensive, this programme includes water activities that require the use of all parts of the body. It allows participants to maintain and improve their physical condition, and by extension their general well-being.
  • Aqua jogging: technique resembling that of jogging on land. ​ Water pressure is actively used to strengthen muscles and the cardiovascular system. You must know how to swim.
    Aqua jogging is easy-to-learn and resembles running on the spot while immersed in water up to the hips or chest. It strengthens your muscles and cardiovascular system.
  • Hydrogym: the various aquatic disciplines offered as part of this programme require the use of all parts of the body. Activities include: ​aqua-fitness, hydro-jogging, hydro-powerwalking, liquid body-toning, hydro-fun, workout with weights and other aquatic props. The beneficial properties of water are harnessed to increase strength, stamina and speed.
  • Swimming lessons: the Bonnevoie pool offers group swimming lessons for adults and children. Please sign up at the front desk of the pool if you are interested in attending.
  • Life saving certificates: upon request, it is possible to take classes to obtain a lifesaving certificate, under the supervision of the swimming instructors at the Bonnevoie Pool.