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Secrétariat général

The Secrétariat général (General Secretariat) has a staff of 30 people. It is primarily tasked with:

  • handling all mail addressed to the college of aldermen and the municipal council;
  • coordinating files to submit for assessment by the college of aldermen and the municipal council;
  • ensuring the general coordination of activities across all municipal departments;
  • providing assistance to the college of aldermen in performing its duties;
  • establishing agendas for the municipal council and the college of aldermen;
  • organising the sessions of the municipal council, the college of aldermen, and the consulting committees;
  • maintaining the registers of the municipal council and college of aldermen;
  • drafting and updating municipal regulations;
  • protocol matters;
  • managing the late-night opening of drinking establishments for special events.

The Département Achats en commun (Joint Procurement Department), located on the lower ground floor (level -1) of Luxembourg City Hall, is in charge of:

  • the purchase, management and distribution of office furniture and equipment required for the daily tasks of the central administration departments;
  • dispatching mail for the central administration;
  • organising receptions in accordance with protocol;
  • providing the necessary presentation equipment at the conference rooms in Luxembourg City Hall, which can be reserved in advance through its reception desk;
  • monitoring lotteries authorised by the college of aldermen.

Coalition Agreement for 2017–2023

The DP and CSV members of the college of aldermen have signed a coalition agreement in which they agree to focus on the following six key priorities for 2017–20...

College of aldermen: mission statement

Document in 13 sections providing detailed information on the priorities to be addressed by the college of aldermen over the 2017–2023 term.

Late-night opening hours

Individual exemptions from the restrictions on the regular opening times of drinking establishments may be granted on request.

Luxembourg City's representatives in syndicates and public institutions

Social welfare office, Office social, SEBES, SICEC, SIDOR, SYVICOL, RGTP, CHL and Klimabündnis

Meeting of the Municipal Council on 29 January 2018

Installation of concrete blocks; Safety measures - Traffic and parking problems in Rue Pierre d'Aspelt - Automobile traffic in Eicherfeld - Risk of flooding and...

Meeting of the municipal Council on 7 May 2018

Traffic in Gasperich, snow removal and salting, children's homework assistance program, pilot project for children with high potential, deliveries and the heavy...

Meetings of the municipal council

Dates of upcoming meetings, live streams and minutes

Les membres du collège échevinal


Lydie Polfer, Serge Wilmes, Simone Beissel, Patrick Goldschmidt, Colette Mart, Laurent Mosar and Maurice Bauer.

Les membres du conseil communal


Since 1 January 1964, the number of members serving on Luxembourg City’s municipal council has been set at 27.

Les membres du conseil communal

Municipal council

The municipal council is composed of 27 councillors and rules on all matters pertaining to the interests of the City of Luxembourg and its residents.

Municipal regulations

Municipalities are governed by a certain number of rules, as laid down by municipal laws (lois communales) and regulations (règlements communaux).

Hôtel de Ville sur la place Guillaume II

Organisation and operation of political bodies

The municipal council is elected for a six-year term by Luxembourg City's residents and rules on all matters concerning the interests of the city and its reside...

Questions and comments

Luxembourg City's aldermen are ready to answer any questions you have about current events or to discuss any other matters you wish to take up with them.

Questions asked by municipal councillors

Any member of the municipal council may add one or more items they wish to bring before the municipal council to the agenda, which is set by the college of alde...

school commission

Every municipality in the Grand Duchy is required by law to establish a school commission.

the department

Contact details

Hôtel de Ville

42, place Guillaume II
2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–18:00

Monday-Friday (during school vacations)

8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00