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Office social

The Office Social (Social Welfare Office) is a public institution with legal personality that is under the supervision of the municipal office.

Pursuant to Article 10 (1) of the Law of 18 December 2009 organising social assistance (loi du 18 décembre 2009 organisant l’aide sociale), the Office Social is administered by a board of directors composed of at least five members.


  • Vronny Krieps (DP)
  • Théo Stendebach
  • Odette Neumann-Weis
  • Fabiana Bartolozzi (Déi Gréng)
  • Ginette Jones (LSAP)


Syndicat des eaux du barrage d'Esch-sur-Sûre (Esch-sur-Sûre dam water syndicate)

Full members

Alternate members


Syndicat intercommunal pour la construction, l'entretien et l'exploitation d'un crématoire sur base intercommunale (inter-municipal syndicate for the construction, maintenance and operation of an inter-municipal crematorium)


Syndicat intercommunal pour la gestion des déchets en provenance des ménages et des déchets assimilables des communes des cantons de Luxembourg, d'Esch et de Capellen (inter-municipal syndicate for the management of household and similar waste from the municipalities in the cantons of Luxembourg, Esch and Capellen)


Syndicat des villes et des communes luxembourgeoises (Luxembourg syndicate of cities and municipalities)

Transport Federation


Centre hospitalier Luxembourg (general hospital)

This public institution is managed in accordance with private law.

Full members

Alternate members


Alternate member

Alternate member

Commission de surveillance du Conservatoire (Oversight Committee of the Conservatoire)

  • Mariette Fabeck (DP)
  • Jean-Marie Gieres (CSV)
  • Carlo de Toffoli (Déi Gréng)
  • Claire Geier (LSAP)
  • Marco Battistella (gov)
  • Gilles Lacour (gov)
  • Martine Molitor (gov)


Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps


the department

Contact details

24, côte d'Eich
L-1450 Luxembourg
  • Tel. :4796-2358
  • Fax : 46 92 01

Opening hours


by appointment

the department

Contact details

42, place Guillaume II
2090 Luxembourg

Opening hours


8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00

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