In short

Luxembourg, 11 October 1971
Married, with two children

42, Place Guillaume II, L-2090 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 4796-2663

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Education and experience


  • Baccalauréat – June 1992, Lycée de Garçons
  • General university diploma (DEUG) in Law, 1995, Université Robert Schuman, Strasbourg
  • Licence (undergraduate degree) in Law, 1996, Université Robert Schuman, Strasbourg
  • Master's in Law, 1997, Université Robert Schuman, Strasbourg


  • 1997–1998: internship at law firm Schiltz & Schiltz
  • 1998–2002: banking lawyer at DEXIA-BIL
  • 2002–2008: assistant director, secretary general of Cetrel
  • 2008–2014: assistant director, legal affairs and compliance department at Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg SA (Luxembourg Stock Exchange)
  • 2014 to present day: secretary general of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

POLITICAL experience

  • Chief Alderman of the City of Luxembourg since 2023
  • Member of the Chamber of Deputies since October 2023
  • Member of the Municipal Council of the City of Luxembourg since October 2011
  • Member of the Christian Social People's Party (CSV) since 1990
  • 2000–2010: deputy secretary general of the CSV
  • Chairman of the Limpertsberg chapter of the CSV
  • 2008–2014: chairman of CSV International


  • Chairman of Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte
  • Chairman of the Heemelsdeiercher choir, Limpertsberg
  • Chairman of DT Cado Limpertsberg
  • Former Vice-Chairman of the Syndicat d'intérêts locaux de Limpertsberg
  • Former member of the board of directors of the Union de syndicats d'intérêts locaux de la Ville de Luxembourg (USILL)
  • Former member of the parish council of Limpertsberg-Rollingergrund
  • Member of the board of directors of AGEDOC
  • Member of the administrative committee of the CHL

Alderman for

Environment and climate

  • General coordination of activities relating to environmental issues and protection
  • Implementation of the climate plan
  • Natural Heritage, parks and green spaces
  • Energy policy: environmental issues

Urban development

  • Development projects and building regulations, in collaboration with the
  • Mayor

Trade and tourism

  • Relations with the Luxembourg City Business Association (UCVL)
  • LCTO

Equal opportunities

  • General coordination of equal opportunity activities