At a glance

Born on 27 April 1953 in Luxembourg
Married, 2 children

42, Place Guillaume II, L-2090 Luxembourg

T: +352 4796-2666/F: +352 47 48 11

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Education and experience


  • 1976: Master's in Private Law (Université d'Aix – Marseille)
  • 1978: degree in International Relations from the Paris Institute of Political Studies


  • Barrister; Substitute court magistrate 1983–1999
  • Teacher (chargée de cours) at INAP since 1983 (Constitutional Law)


  • Member of the Democratic Party (DP) since 1987
  • Member of the municipal council of Luxembourg City since 30 September 1991
  • Alderwoman of Luxembourg City from January 2000 to November 2005 and again since 16 October 2009
  • Vice Chairwoman of the Luxembourg Democratic Party 2004–2012
  • Secretary of the DP chapter for the Centre 1989–2000
  • Member of the Chamber of Deputies 1999-2004
  • First Vice-Chairwoman of the Chamber of Deputies, since November 2013.


  • Vice-Chairwoman of the EU Committee of the Regions
  • Chairwoman of FC Voirie-Eaux (Roads and Water)
  • Vice-Chairwoman of the European Movement Luxembourg and Fondation du Mérite Européen
  • Chairwoman of the Association des Femmes Libérales


Sports, music, reading


Infrastructure and new construction projects

  • water and energy policy ​
  • water treatment plants – sewerage
  • district heating
  • new works, roads

Sport and leisure

  • coordination of sports programmes
  • sports facilities and fields ​