In short

Born on 21 January 1979 in Thionville (France)

Lives in: Bonnevoie

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Professional experience


  • 2018–present: CEO and founder of a concept store (Luxembourg Gare)
  • 2011–2013: CEO and founder of a concept store (France)
  • 2002–2011: stylist / designer
    • 2005–2011: in-house and freelance stylist; Groupe Garella (France)
    • 2002-2007: in-house and freelance stylist; for a range of brands and groups, in Paris, in Belgium, and in Metz; Groupe Miroglio / Paris France; ZNJean's / Belgique; Société Callithea - Metz (Nuni Collection Sportswear Golf)
    • 2002: In-house stylist in Paris for Prêt-à-porter Cop - Copine
    • 2001: Maison GIVENCHY Paris – assistant stylist

Political experience

Member of the municipal council of the City of Luxembourg since December 2023

Other activities/hobbies


  • Photography, architecture, design and contemporary art
  • Other interests include psychology, philosophy, music and cinema