At a glance

Born on 7 February 1985 in Luxembourg
Married, 2 children
Lives in Bonnevoie

Tel.: 46 37 40-1

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Education and experience


  • Master of Arts in Political Science and Sociology
  • University studies at Heidelberg and Lausanne (2004–2009)


  • Radio reporter at RTL (2005–2011)
  • Coordinator at natur&ëmwelt ASBL (2011–2018)


  • Member of déi Gréng since 2011
  • Chairman of the Luxembourg City chapter of déi Gréng (20122018)
  • Member of the municipal council of Luxembourg City since 9 December 2013
  • Board member of SEBES (Syndicat des Eaux du Barrage d’Esch-sur-Sûre) since October 2014
  • Member of the Chamber of Deputies since October 2018
  • Party leader for déi Gréng on the municipal council since December 2018


  • President of Amicale des Guides et Scouts du Belair
  • Running, gardening