At a glance

Born on 15 May 1964 in Luxembourg
Single (separated), 2 children

3, rue des Arquebusiers L-1138 Luxembourg

T +352 621 655 025

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Education and professional experience


Doctor of veterinary medicine (University of Liège, Cureghem/Brussels). Diploma awarded in 1989.


  • Veterinary practice for horses and small domestic animals 1989–2001, with partners, in Junglinster
  • Official veterinarian of the Fédération équestre internationale (International Federation for Equestrian Sports)
  • Veterinary meat inspector at Cobolux/Wecker 1990–1995
  • Small domestic animals practice in Luxembourg City (Rue de Neudorf) 2001-2020
  • Volunteer veterinarian at the Centre de Conservation pour chimpanzées (Chimpanzee Conservation Centre) in Guinea-Conakry 2014-2020
  • Small domestic animals practice in Junglinster since 2020

Political experience

  • Member of déi Gréng since 2011
  • Co-Chairwoman of the Luxembourg City chapter of déi Gréng 2014-2022
  • Member of the Executive Committee of déi Gréng since 2013
  • Member of the municipal council of Luxembourg City since 13 March 2017

Other activities/hobbies

Running, hiking, theatre, concerts, film, reading, travel