Luxembourg City – a Fair Trade Town

The promotion of fair trade has been one of the features of the City of Luxembourg's environmental action plan since 2007. On 9 May 2011, the municipal council approved a resolution to take part in the "Fairtrade Gemeng" campaign. With this decision, the City of Luxembourg agreed to purchase, and encourage the purchase of, fair trade products and to raise awareness of fair-trade issues at local level.

Luxembourg City has been "Fairtrade Gemeng" certified since 21 September 2011.

Fair trade in practice

Ongoing initiatives:

  • children taking part in the activities of the Centre d'animation pédagogique et de loisirs (CAPEL, the Centre for Educational and Leisure Activities), receive a snack consisting of fair trade products
  • the use of fair-trade products is one of the requirements listed in the specifications for kitchens where meals are prepared for City of Luxembourg foyers scolaires (childcare centres); products include bananas, pineapples, rice, and cocoa.
  • fair-trade beverages are served at training sessions, official receptions and public events organised by or in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg (coffee, tea, fruit juices, sugar, and biscuits – Fairtrade certified and organic)
  • work clothes (polo shirts, T-shirts, trousers), as well as swimming pool and sauna towels, are sourced in part from fair-trade manufacturers
  • mini-marathon T-shirts are sourced from fair trade manufacturers
  • the City of Luxembourg distributes fair-trade information and awareness materials in the lead-up to Neighbours' Day
  • At Christmas, Saint Nicolas distributes bags of fair-trade sweets
  • Fair-trade chocolate bars are distributed during "Liichtmëssdag" (Candlemas)

Special initiatives:

  • the Lëtzebuerg City Museum provides the Weltbuttek with a retail space within its premises free of charge

Contact details

For all questions about fair trade, please contact:

Contact person

  • Nicole ISAAC (fair trade officer at the City of Luxembourg)
    Tel.: 4796-4772