Tasked with keeping the city clean, the Service Hygiène (Sanitation Department) cleans public spaces, removes household waste, and collects sorted reusable materials for recycling. It also raises public awareness of urban cleanliness and health, and the need to reduce waste.

Service Hygiène

Autres liens utiles

Autres liens utiles, tels que le site de l'Administration de l'environnement, des directives européennes ainsi que des lois relatives aux déchets.

parc municipal de la Ville en automne

Autumn and winter services

Collection of fallen leaves, clearing of snow, and salting of public roads, squares, bus stops, cycle paths and footpaths in parks.

autorisation de bâtir

Building permit

For construction works, extensions, renovations, alterations, demolitions, sheds, porch roofs, canopies, awnings, signs, fences along public roads, wells, water...

By collection type

Curbside collection, collection in bulk on demand, public containers (igloos), Recycling Centre and SuperDrecksKëscht fir Biirger


By collection type

Door-to-door collection, bulk collection on demand, collection in large-capacity containers, Recycling Centre and Superdreckskëscht fir Betriber

By waste type

Residual waste, glass, paper/cardboard, PMC packaging (Valorlux), food waste, turf, garden waste, bulky waste, wood, scrap metal, household appliances, hazardou...

hiver luxembourg

Clearing of snow

Clearing of snow from pavements in winter. Assistance provided to persons living alone who are over 65 and/or have specific needs.

Collecte Service Hygiène

Collection calendar

Don't miss pickup day! Check the collection calendar to find out when the different types of household waste are collected on your street.

Camion Service Hygiène

Estimate your charges

By recycling more, you reduce your residual waste and pay less! Calculate your annual charges using our calculator! RECYCLE MORE, PAY LESS

Service Hygiène - Hamilius


Order bins with or without lock or request additional collections, a bin cleaning service, or our assisted collection service.



Order bins with or without lock, or request additional collections, a bin cleaning service, or our assisted collection service.

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Keep our city clean

What you can do to keep our city clean (littering, street and pavement cleaning, hedges and shrubs, signage, graffiti, etc.)

Nettoyage des voies publiques

Keeping the city clean

General information about municipal measures and services to keep the city clean. (Cleaning of streets and pavements, public bins, bags for dog excrement, pest ...


Managing waste

The City of Luxembourg manages household and similar waste, and leads efforts for waste prevention.

Camion Service Hygiène

Processing of personal data

Information notice relating to the processing of personal data by the Service Hygiène.

Recycling A-Z

A list of all the different types of waste, with instructions on how and where to collect and sort each type

Collecte en porte à porte

Reduce your waste

Some suggestions and useful links

Illustration des anciens véhicules du Service Hygiène

The Service Hygiène: looking back on 120 years

The Service Hygiène, then and now

chien parc

Walking your dog

Dog areas and dog poo bags

Trier les déchets

Waste collection and sorting

Waste and collection types, Recycling A-Z, collection schedule, and online calculator for your annual charges.

Trier les déchets

Waste: collection and sorting

Personalised information and advice for businesses on waste collection and sorting