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The Bierger-Center (Citizen Service Center) provides current and future residents of Luxembourg City with the means of completing all the necessary administrative formalities under a single roof, and offers personalised services in a friendly setting.

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Current transactions

Apply for Luxembourgish nationality

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Administrative procedures

Declarations of residence, arrival and departure, identity card, biometric passport, vital events (birth, marriage, civil partnerships, deaths), certificates an...

Apply for an identity document

Luxembourgish identity card and Luxembourgish biometric passport.

Apply for Luxembourgish nationality

Procedures and conditions.


Certificates of residence, long-form certificates of residence, certificates of registration at a reference address, certificates of registration on the elector...

Chèque-Service Accueil

The childcare service voucher scheme (chèque-service accueil – CSA) grants parents reduced rates for non-formal education and childcare services, depending on a...

Declaration of residence – departure and arrival

Declaration of arrival, change of residence within the city limits and declaration of departure.

Grand-rue - Ville de Luxembourg

Facts and figures

Area of 51.73 km² (2% of the country's territory), 122,273 inhabitants as at 31 December 2019, excellent road and public transport networks connecting the city ...

Helping foreign nationals

Practical advice for new residents is available in the form of a paper guide and online portal, as well as from the Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immi...

Legalisation services and certified copies

Signature legalisation for parental authorisations or letters of undertaking (for foreign nationals). Certified copies.

Luxembourg identity card

Mandatory as of age 15. Information on documents to submit, renewal, fees, application deadlines and expedited procedures.

Luxembourgish biometric passport

General information, documents to submit, fees, processing times and expedited procedures.

Bierger-Center sur la Place Guillaume II

Online services

Online services provided by the City, such as registering a change of residence, requesting various certificates, and requesting birth, marriage and death certi...

Registering your dog

New dog registration, annual fee, change of residence or owner, potentially dangerous dogs and death of a dog

Request a certificate or an extract

Certificate of residence, long-form certificate of residence, certificate of voter registration, certificate of life Birth, marriage and death certificates Orde...

Vote in elections

Municipal, legislative, and European elections. Voter registration. Voting by post. People unable to vote on election day.

the department

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44, place Guillaume II /
2, rue Notre-Dame
L-2090 Luxembourg

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Estimated waiting time

Current transactions

Apply for Luxembourgish nationality

Pay your bills / Pick up your ID