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Politics, policy and administration

As part of the effort to simplify the administrative procedures that usually require a visit to the Bierger-Center at Place Guillaume II, residents can now complete some of them online using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Our online services:

  • Register a change of residence (moving from another Luxembourg municipality or within Luxembourg City / moving abroad) – also available via
  • Request various certificates (also available via or copies of birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Apply for the Chèque-Service Accueil (childcare voucher system)
  • Register to vote (only via
  • Apply for a postal vote (also available via
  • Get a parking permit

These online services are part of the project to transform the capital into a smart city that uses cutting-edge technology to provide residents with innovative solutions in a number of areas such as mobility, housing, the environment, safety and education.

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