Charter of Ethics

As part of the Ministry of Culture's 2018-2028 cultural development plan (Kulturentwécklungsplang – KEP), a code of conduct has been drawn up with the recommendations and rules to be applied in the cultural sphere. The document, which was produced in close consultation with all actors in the cultural arena, is entitled "Charter of Ethics fororganisations in the cultural sector" (hereinafter "the Charter") and entered into force on 15 June 2022.

The Charter is a key factor in the drive to promote professionalisation in the cultural sector in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and takes into account the sector's needs, the current creative environment and the diversification of the cultural scene. The Charter applies at all times and to all activities undertaken by the cultural organisations that sign up to it, be it in terms of relations between colleagues, or with artists, the public, external service providers and suppliers, patrons, sponsors, donors, or the Ministry of Culture.

Fundamental values

The Charter is based on eight fundamental ethical values that are highly prized by the City of Luxembourg, namely competence, respect, remuneration, integrity, equal opportunities and gender equality, cultural diversity, transparency and environmental responsibility.

Commitment to the Charter of Ethics