Reserved parking spaces

Some 400 parking spaces are reserved in Luxembourg City for people with disabilities. They are marked by a road sign showing the wheelchair symbol, in addition to corresponding markings on the road surface.

These parking spaces are exclusively reserved for people who have a disabled persons' parking permit. Drivers without this permit are strictly prohibited from parking in these spaces.

Standard fees are payable and maximum parking periods must be respected.

Drivers in possession of a disabled parking permit may also use:

  • their residential parking permit authorising unrestricted parking in their home district;
  • a parking disc together with their residential parking permit authorising two hours free parking in all Luxembourg City districts, both on the roadside and in above-ground car parks. Maximum parking times must still be respected.

Unrestricted roadside parking

Holders of disabled parking permits do not have to comply with maximum parking times within the City of Luxembourg, provided their car is parked on the roadside. They are also exempt from paying parking fees. These exemptions do not, however, apply to marked parking places reserved for people with disabilities.

Apply to the MMTP

To obtain a disabled parking permit, please contact the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works (Ministère de la Mobilité et des Travaux publics):

Contact details

4, Place de l'Europe
L-1499 Luxembourg

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