Paying for parking

The City of Luxembourg, together with the company Indigo, launched the Indigo Neo app in Luxembourg City.

With the new app, users are able to pay for and manage their on-street parking in Luxembourg City remotely, without having to get a ticket from a parking-ticket machine. This state-of-the-art payment method makes a useful alternative to conventional methods of payments (i.e. cash or bank card).

Indigo Neo is integrated directly into the traffic control system of the City's parking enforcement officers. Using a license plate number, these municipal officers can check if a car's owner has launched a parking session in the app.


Signing up with the Indigo Neo app is easy and free.

How do I pay for parking using my smartphone?

  1. Download the app and sign up
  2. Click on the area of the map where you are parked
  3. Select a length of stay, then confirm and pay

The information gathered is saved by the City of Luxembourg for the purposes of parking fee enforcement, as well as managing the payment of parking fees and fines. Go to our section on data protection

Parking zones

The parking zones in Luxembourg City are colour coded. Each colour comes with its own set of parking rules, with set maximum parking times and applicable charges.