The project:

This historical and cultural endeavour began for two reasons: first, to honour the extraordinary people who lie in Notre-Dame Cemetery and second, to highlight the interesting burial monuments that occupy the plots owned by the City.

This project would not have been possible without the support of Robert L. Philippart, whose thorough research of the cemetery's occupants and their stories, and written accounts of each, were invaluable in getting this huge undertaking off the ground.

How it works:

At Notre-Dame Cemetery, simple scan the QR code on the grave and you will be taken to the relevant web page, which contains biographical and historical information on the deceased and/or their family.

On the website:

On the web pages, you can view the interactive map to find the exact location of the burial monument you are interested in. When you click on a POI, you will be redirected to the web page dedicated to the historical figure you wish to read about.

JP Maeysz

Abbé Jean-Pierre Maeysz

Maeysz was instrumental in fighting the cholera outbreak that ravaged the Grund in 1832. However, his greatest achievements stem from his drive to improve publ...

ND 06-10-01 Thilges-Lambert Albert

Albert Thilges (Thilges-Lambert family plot)

This mausoleum, which dates back to 1906, is the oldest one still standing in Luxembourg City. (45 ND 06/10/01)

ND 05-03-05 Alphonse Kemp

Alphonse Kemp (Kemp family plot)

The burial monument to the architects Pierre and Alphonse Kemp is the only one in Notre-Dame cemetery bearing a Celtic cross. (41 ND 05/03/05)

ND 03-26-16 Klein Demuth

Klein-Demuth family plot

The grave of Auguste Klein is a reminder of the life and achievements of a much-loved musician. (31 ND 03/26/16)

Batty Weber

Batty Weber (Weber-Brugmann family plot)

Writer Batty Weber is interred with his wife Emma Weber-Brugmann, who was also a renowned author. (52 ND 08/19/06)

ND 06-22-09 Graf-Ulveling, Bernard

Bernard Graf (Graf-Ulveling family plot)

In terms of his involvement in cultural activities, Bernard Graf co-founded the "reading society", the goal of which was to set up a reading room and buy and s...

bernard groethuysen

Bernhard Groethuysen and Alix Guillain

The philosopher, Bernard Groethuysen, was born in Berlin on 9 January 1880 and is among the most internationally renowned figures interred in the old Protestant...

ND 03-01-03 Mathias Stemp-Bisserie

Bisserié-Stemper family plot

This grave, taken over by the City of Luxembourg in 2014, forms a contiguous unit with those around it in the first row, near the main entrance. (36 ND 03/01/02...

ND 03-01-02  Capitaine Guillaume Weydert

Captain Guillaume Weydert

The monument to Captain Weydert is the first one you see when you enter the cemetery. (27 ND 03/01/02)

charles schmitz

Charles Schmitz

Charles Schmitz, who was born in Luxembourg City on 9 July 1855, had a storied legal career. (11 ND 2/02/02)

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Charles Winkler (Winkler-Manderscheid family plot)

The concession for the cemetery plot on which the Winkler-Manderscheid monument stands expired in 2003. (46 ND)

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Charles-Auguste Praum

Ce monument funéraire repris par la Ville de Luxembourg rappelle la prospérité et l’engagement social d’une vieille famille de marchands et artisans de Luxembou...

ND 01-05-06 Collin-Gindorff

François-Charles Emmanuel Collin (Collin-Gindorff)

François-Charles Emmanuel Collin, a member of the constituent assembly called in 1848 to write and pass a new national constitution, was born in Hives near La R...

ND 02-10-11  Colling Jacob

Colling-Jacob family plot

The monument showcases Luxembourgish traditional use of dressed stone, combined with a cast iron cross of redemption decorated with gothic fleurons. (39 ND 02/1...

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Cordonnier-Polomé family grave

This cluster of burial monuments surrounded by a wrought iron fence is the only one of its kind in the Notre-Dame Cemetery. It commemorates several generations ...

Dr B Haal

Dominique de Neunhäuser, Charles-Hubert Weber and Bernard Haal (Bernard Haal burial plot)

The grave deed of what is commonly known as the Bernard Haal monument is held by the clergy. (54 ND 02/09/02)

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Dr. Jacques Wester (Wester-Pretemer family mausoleum)

The mausoleum erected by Marie-Hélène Léonie Pretemer (1863–1943) in 1931 in honour of her husband, Dr Jacques Wester (1861–1906), and her daughter, Marie-Susan...

ND 03-09-01 Edmund Patzke

Edmond Patzké

At the request of Austria's Archduke Friedrich, through an appointment by the King-Grand Duke William III, Patzké was summoned to politically neutral Luxembourg...

ND 01-14-09 Edouard Wolff

Edouard Wolff

Jean-Édouard Wolff was born in Luxembourg City on 1 April 1851 to Jean-Baptiste Wolff and Delphine Deitz (1830–1853), for whom the tomb was erected. (17 ND 01/1...

ND 01-03-01 Kurth-Herriges_Eugene

Eugène Kurth

Eugène Kurth was born on 25 March 1868 in Dudelange. As an artist, he made his name as a flower painter. (12 ND 01/03/01)

ND 05-07-05 Ketten

Evrard Ketten

Evrard Ketten (1842-1912) was one of the leading rose breeders established in Avenue de la Faïencerie. (3 ND 05/07/05)

ND 02-20-14 Poullmaire-Pescatore

Ferdinand et Marie Joséphine Pescatore (Poulmaire)

This Renaissance-inspired monument recounts the story of Charles Philippe Louis Pescatore who served as Mayor of the City of Luxembourg from 1844 to 1848 and wa...

fernand mertens

Fernand Mertens

Fernand Mertens was the recipient of Luxembourg's National Order of Merit, and the Gold and Silver medals of the French "Arts, Sciences et Lettres" academic soc...

ND 01-15-18 François Roeser

François Roeser

François Roeser, who was born on 18 September 1754 in Luxembourg City, is known for being the last justiciar of the City of Luxembourg. (19 ND 01/15/18)

ND 01-13-06 Scheffer-Seyler

François Scheffer-Seyler

François Scheffer was one of Luxembourg City's most renowned mayors. (16 ND 01/13/06)

friedrich wilhelm voigt

Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt

During his lifetime, with help from the press, Wilhelm Voigt became famous as the "Captain of Köpenick" by playing himself in variety shows in Canada and the Un...

ND 02-07-06 Baustert-Staudt_Lefevre-Ebertz Guillaume

Guillaume Lefèvre

Guillaume Lefèvre allait faire une belle carrière en étant nommé sans interruption de 1886 à 1916 comme représentant pour le commerce général à la Chambre du Co...

ND 01-15-12 Henri Woquier

Henri Woquier

Henri Woquier was recorded in the City of Luxembourg's Livre de bienfaisance and entered on its wall of city benefactors displayed at the city hall. (18 ND 01...

ND X Hinzerter Kräiz

Hinzerter Kräiz

The National Memorial for Resistance Fighters and the Deported symbolises the suffering endured by the people who opposed the policies of the Nazi occupiers fro...

JB Gellé

Jean-Baptiste Gellé

Jean-Baptiste Gellé, born 23 July 1777 in Créhange (Lorraine, France) can be considered one of the founding fathers of Luxembourg as we know it today. (15 ND 01...

Jean Worré

Jean Worré

Jean Worré (1816–1901) was a civil engineer who joined the Public Works Administration (Administration des travaux publics) in 1845. The municipal archives and ...

antoine zinnen

Jean-Antoine Zinnen

Le compositeur de l’hymne national, Jean-Antoine Zinnen (1827-1899), dont l’épitaphe reproduit les premières notes, est né à Neuerbourg. (6 ND 06/02/01)

ND 02-20-13 Eydt Anne, Loutsch Henri

Jean-François Eydt (Eydt-Schaefer family plot)

Jean-François Eydt became the City of Luxembourg architect in 1834. He is known for leading the Luxembourg City Hall construction project, building the covered ...

joseph junk

Joseph Junck

Joseph Junk's civic engagement earned him many honours. (5 ND 05/17/01)

ND 05-08-13 Jules Van Damm

Jules Van Damme

The tomb of Jules-Charles-Ernest van Damme (1854–1892) is in the shape of a high-back throne. The granite base is decorated with ornamental bronze grating. (4 N...

ND 06-06-06 Stiff-Hippert

Lucie Pauline Stiff-Hippert

The Grand Ducal Decree of 15 January 1918 authorised the creation of the <em>Fondation Lucie-Pauline Stiff</em>, an academic scholarship fund set up by Ms Stiff...

ND X Légionnaire inconnu

Unknown soldier

The construction of the mausoleum represented the joining of the Luxembourg people with the Belgian and French allies to form a united front against a defeated ...

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Léon de La Fontaine (La Fontaine family plot)

The Léon de la Fontaine family burial monument is a new style of monument representing a bench made from granite and bronze. The family crest occupies the centr...

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Marguerite Kellen-Lorang

Marguerite Lorang (1841–1922) was a pioneering midwife from Luxembourg. (22 ND 05/21/04)

ND 02-05-04 Marchand Majerus

Nicolas Majerus (Marchand-Majerus family plot)

The burial monument consists of a headstone bearing an urn, with a font at its base. The inspiration for the monument came from the design of the water fountain...

Mathias Manternach

Mathias Manternach

Comme l’abbé Jean-Pierre Maeysz il soignait les malades du choléra en 1832 et fut nommé membre de la commission urbaine d’écoles. Son attention était explicitem...

ND 02-21-18 Schaaf-Gengler

Mathias Schaaf-Gengler

The family of Mathias Schaaf and Marie-Anne Gengler, the last owners of the burial plot before the City of Luxembourg took it over in 2018, had its roots in Ett...

ND 01-10-07 Bourg-Gemen Melchior

Melchior Bourg-Gemen

Born on 17 April 1861 in Luxembourg City, Melchior Bourg helped put Luxembourg on the world map as a leading exporter of roses. (14 ND 01/10/07)

ND 05-06-05 Michel Lentz

Michel Lentz

Michel Lentz (1833–1893), a national poet, felt an intimate bond with the city of his birth. Lentz was renowned for his poems and songs, most of which were comp...

ND 05-19-10 Greivedinger Marcel

Michel and Victor Engels (Engels-Greiveldinger family plot)

This tomb, which is now maintained by the City of Luxembourg, commemorates two illustrious figures from the capital: artist and painter Michel Engels and archit...

ND 09-05-09 Hemmen-Breyer, Nicolas

Nicolas Hemmen

Nicolas Hemmen, who was born on 24 February 1855, was a pioneering figure in the field of education in Luxembourg. Hemmen was renowned for the lectures he deliv...

steffen pierret

Nicolas Steffen Pierret

Nicolas Steffen-Pierret was born in Mühlenbach on 29 November 1830 and is best remembered for being a social writer. (21 ND 01/35/14)

ND 01-05-11 Elter-Reuter_Paul

Paul Elter-Reuter

Paul Elter was born in Capellen on 12 December 1855, and earned his doctorate in law on 11 November 1879. The grave monument, which was restored by the City in ...

paul eyschen

Paul Eyschen

Minister of State Paul Eyschen was born in Diekirch in 1841. His father was Charles-Gérard Eyschen, president of the district court. (8 ND 08/01/01)

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Paul Weber

La Ville a repris la concession renfermant Paul Weber, Conseiller d’État honoraire et Conseiller honoraire du Japon. (35 ND 06/04/04)

ND 01-16-10 Pierre Clomes

Pierre Clomes

Abbot Pierre Clomes, who was born on 15 January 1790, is known for creating a scholarship and for amassing an extraordinary library that he bequeathed to the st...

pierre eiffes-schaeffer

Pierre Schaeffer (Eiffes-Schaeffer family plot)

The Eiffes family plot is the only one of its kind in Luxembourg City. The monument is an enormous cross in the form of a tree of life, rising up over a cluster...

ND 03-24-04  Sophie De Bette

Sophie De Bette

The burial monument erected in memory of Sophie de Bette offers some insight into life in early 19th-century Luxembourg City. (30 ND 03/24/04)

Byrne Thomas

Thomas Byrne (Byrne-Baustert family plot)

The tomb in memory of Thomas Byrne (1825–1884) and his wife, Geneviève Baustert (1830–1908), is protected by metal bars. Its design is simple compared to the ex...