Henri Woquier (1852–1921), a property owner and merchant who lived on Avenue de la Gare, became a naturalised Belgian citizen on 20 September 1890. In 1868, he was awarded first prize in singing as part of his solfeggio class in Luxembourg City. In 1890, he became a naturalised Luxembourgish citizen. He belonged to the Society of St Vincent de Paul, an organisation that serves the poor by working to ease their suffering and promote human dignity and integrity. He gave regular donations to the parish property administration of Notre Dame Church in Luxembourg City. At the time of his death, Henri Woquier was a well-to-do annuitant, residing on Rue des Roses in Luxembourg City. He died a bachelor on 11 May 1921 after a brief, painful illness, and bequeathed all his tangible and intangible assets – whose value was appraised at 9,000 francs – to the City of Luxembourg. In return, the City was required to guarantee a life annuity to his housekeeper and to support two charity foundations. His estate consisted mainly of a house on Rue des Capucins In recognition of his donation, Henri Woquier was recorded in the City of Luxembourg's Livre de bienfaisance and entered on its wall of city benefactors displayed at the city hall. His burial plot reverted to the City of Luxembourg.