The Grand Ducal Decree of 15 January 1918 authorised the creation of the Fondation Lucie-Pauline Stiff, an academic scholarship fund set up by Ms Stiff-Hippert to honour the memory of her unmarried daughter, Lucie Pauline Stiff, who passed away in 1909. Widow of J.B. Stiff, Ms Stiff-Hippert died in 1917 and during her lifetime, she lived off her annuities in Luxembourg. The scholarship was created to help a deserving student enrolled in the machine-construction section at the Craftsmen’s School (École d’artisans).

The Stiff-Hippert family was from the municipality of Hesperange and owned large plots of farmland, forests and meadowland. J. B. Stiff, a property owner, came from a family that had a long history of political involvement in the municipality. The most well-known member of the family is Dominique Stiff (1809–1876), who served as mayor of Hesperange and deputy from the canton of Luxembourg.Ms Stiff-Hippert founded the Café Hippert in Alzingen, which became an important social hub after the Luxembourg–Remich railway line was built in 1882.