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Light Nights

For the Luxembourg Light Festival in December 2016, the construction site hoarding was transformed into a giant comic strip illustrating the city's history as seen by graffiti artists, using the country’s national colours.

Knuedler carpark

From January to June 2018, the bold colours of David Brognon illuminated the former Avenue Monterey passage, connecting Boulevard Royal and Rue Aldringen, in his own inimitable style. The 40-metre-long artwork now hangs on the hoardings at the Knuedler carpark. The panels display a French palindrome: "Engage le jeu que je le gagne" (which translates loosely as "Let the game begin, so I can win!"). In the words of David Brognon, the phrase is meant to be "ambitious, combative and fun" and is totally in keeping with the a major project currently in progress on the site.
Painted on 65 panels, the piece can be dismounted and relocated to another part of the city once construction is completed here.


Work site hoarding at the sports centre in Cents

As part of the construction of the sports and education centre in Cents, Luxembourg artists Raphaël Gindt and Michel Kremer, along with approximately 300 students in Cycles 2 to 4 of the Cents primary school, decorated the work site hoarding in July 2017.
In an initial phase, the children and their teachers prepared drawings in class, and then transferred them to the fence with the help of the artists. This hands-on project was used to give the children an introduction to different urban art techniques. The children were also taught that it is wrong to do graffiti illegally, and that breaking the law can have serious consequences.  

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