The idea behind the concept was to produce a durable standardised signage system to label the City of Luxembourg's public-space artwork. Prior to 2021, the labels were produced haphazardly, in a variety of different formats and materials.

The new system uses circular bronze plates set flush with the ground. In addition to providing greater flexibility in terms of positioning and alignment, the circular shape of the plates means that useful information can be conveniently embedded in pavements and used in complex spatial environments.

System designed by Georges Zigrand Design Consultancy


The plates can be installed quickly and efficiently using no more than a drill with a standard-size bit.

Bronze was the obvious choice as it is weather resistant and durable. Furthermore, embedding the plates in the ground makes them more resistant to wear and tear, vandalism and accidental damage, thereby increasing their life span.

The moulds were made locally in the only remaining historic foundry.