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Place Guillaume II

Urban art can even be found in the very heart of the City, at the Knuedler.

The ventilation tower of the car park under Place Guillaume II – which is set to be demolished – is repainted on a regular basis by different artists. Sader, Michel Kremer, Riots, Alain Welter, Pol Summer, Thomas Iser and The Lost Boys have all produced artworks using this structure, which will eventually be demolished.

Currently, this site is adorned with the work of artist Alain Welter. It's a funny riff on the pandemic. Initially designed as an illustration for a get-well-soon card, the piece was painted onto the ventilation tower to amuse passersb

Free expression wall in Dommeldange

The free-expression wall in Dommeldange has regularly been repainted by professional artists since 2014.

The project is coordinated by the artist Stick, who makes sure that the subjects depicted are not offensive or indecent. To take part in the project, applicants must contact the project coordinator and receive authorisation from the municipal authorities.

Ephemeral is the watchword in urban art. Since late February 2019, the free-expression wall has been decked with a new muralby the artists Stick and Musk

Former abattoirs in Hollerich

The walls of the former abattoirs have long served as a playground for graffiti artists of all ages. Free expression is encouraged: no specific authorisation is needed to do graffiti here, and existing pieces are constantly giving way to new creations.

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