UniPopCiné 2019–2020 season

The Cinémathèque and the University of Luxembourg present:

How to really watch a film – All the analytical tools you need in 10 lessons

Ten years of Unipop! Ten years really is quite something... but we are only just getting started! We plan to continue telling our stories, and above all, to dream big as we enter our second decade. It is also a good time to take stock of where things stand, as we march towards new and exciting times. What have we got planned for this anniversary season? Film analysis has, historically, gone hand in hand with the love of cinema, and is an essential tool for viewers who want to appreciate films in greater depth.

The coming 10 lessons look at films from the perspectives of social and art history, the language of film and genre conventions, the figures of auteur and actor, both in Hollywood and elsewhere. Our goal is to instil in our audience the pleasure of decoding a film, drawing on our 10 years of experience with teaching cinema. This approach will be applied at our evening screenings, but also for all films in the course, analysed to the highest of standards and with the latest insight. We will be hosting an inaugural lecture based on an innovative formula and raising new questions that will ultimately lead us to re-examine the role of the film viewer, after 10 years of evolution in the world of film. Jean Renoir is quoted as saying "Plus c'est local, plus c'est universel" (roughly translated: the more specific something is, the more universal it becomes). Once we have been given the key to analysing a specific film in depth, we are better able to appreciate all other films, increasing our watching pleasure for the next ten years.

From October 2019 to July 2020, the Université Populaire du Cinéma invites you to join its film analysis sessions and celebrate its tenth anniversary with a new season that promises to be instructive, entertaining and convivial. An ongoing project conducted jointly by the Cinémathèque and the University of Luxembourg, the Université Populaire du Cinéma offers participants an essential guide to understanding global cinema through monthly lectures accompanied by film clips, educational materials and additional screenings of key films. Each session is open to beginners and seasoned film buffs alike who wish to gain perspective on and a deeper understanding of cinematic culture.