From Eisenstein to Lynch: 10 auteurs for 10 ideas about cinema

Although cinema is now generally accepted as an art form in its own right, it shares at least one common denominator with other art forms: each piece of work can be attributed to a creator. A film is obviously a collective undertaking, but it is the film director who is at the helm. When a director promises to usher in a "new era" (of cinema), they are known even in English as auteurs

Through ten filmmakers – the list is inevitably subjective and some fans may be horrified by the omission of their idols – UniPop seeks to re-examine the concept of an "auteur", without assuming universal authority on the matter or (conversely) succumbing to petty squabbling. Firstly, we will examine how an idea about cinema – a technique, a system, a stance, etc. – can become a more general idea of what is considered new and influential cinema. Then, by studying the filmographies of these ten auteurs, we will try to understand how, in addition to the artistry of their creations, they manage to open our eyes to aspects of the world of which we would otherwise have remained ignorant. 

From October 2017 to July 2018, for its eighth edition, the Université Populaire du Cinéma will once again be exploring the history of cinema on a fun, friendly and illuminating journey, drawing on both mainstream and alternative sources and guided by those who are part of the industry.