Crafts market

The Éimaischen festival dates back to at least 1827. One of the most iconic events in Luxembourg's calendar of traditional festivals, it is a craft market that mainly features pottery and ceramics. Among the most popular items at the market are small bird-shaped terracotta whistles known as Péckvillercher, which are sold only at the Éimaischen. Since their appearance varies each year, people queue up first thing in the morning to get their hands on these coveted collectibles. The bird-like calls of these whistles mingle with the sounds of other folkloric activities, creating a uniquely charming atmosphere.

Date, times and locations


Every Easter Monday

Opening hours



Old Town: Marché aux Poissons, Rue du Marché aux Herbes, Rue de l'Eau, Rue de la Reine, Rue de la Boucherie, Rue du Rost and Rue Sigefroi.