The "Concerts de midi" have been held since 1983 as part of a long tradition of free concerts put on by the City. The "Concerts de midi" were introduced to provide classical music enthusiasts with a chance to enjoy a midday musical interlude at different venues across Luxembourg City. The free "Concerts de midi", which are held on selected Fridays, cover a broad repertoire ranging from traditional classical music to more exotic finds. The delightfully stirring, soothing or atypical compositions are sure to enchant music lovers seeking a diverse musical programme.

Upcoming dates


Opening hours

All concerts take place from 12:30 to 13:30.




10 May

Cercle Cité


24 May

Trinity church

Trio Lecuit Spiridigliozzi Tordini 

7 June Villa Vauban Park  Acoustic trio (guitar, cello, vocals) 
28 June Villa Vauban Park  The Luxembourg Saxophone Quartet 
12 July Villa Vauban Park  Brass band of the Luxembourg Chamber Orchestra
26 July Villa Vauban Park  3 Pirouetten' (3x transverse flutes) 
16 August Villa Vauban Park  Trio D'ARCO (string trio) 
30 August Villa Vauban Park 

Eklektik trio: 

  • Hy-KhangDang (saxophone)
  • AhmedRadwan (oud) 
  • Adham Raslan (guitar)
13 September Grand auditorium of the Conservatoire  Porter Percussion Duo (2 percussionists and 2 dancers) 
27 September Trinity church MUSICA SENZA FRONTIERI:
  • Tanguy Neumann-Cembalo Peter Florian – flute 
  • Vladimir Patrascu – violin 
  • Marek Dutkiewicz – cello 
11 October Trinity church DORA trio (cello – piano – violin) 
25 October Trinity church NAAMA LIANY & the String 4-tet 
8 November Trinity church

BREZZA ensemble

  • Marina Cabello del Castillo
  • Viola da Gamba Teun Braken
  • Cembalo 
22 November Trinity church UGDA Young Soloists